Saab May Be Saved By a Mysterious Investment Company

Saab may not be gone forever from the automotive world. A recent report by AutoCar indicates the Swedish brand may soon be picked up by National Electric Vehicle Sweden. This is not the first time the near-dead Saab has had a potential investor, but this company shows more promise than the last. Youngman, a Chinese automaker, recently backed out of negotiations to purchase the European car company.

The Swedish company is the latest business rumored to be considering taking Saab under its wing. The news source reports not much is known about it, and its name was only officially registered earlier this week.

"We have a very anonymous investment company that owns shares in this registered company, Sun Investment, but we still don't know who's behind it," Valdemar Lonroth, a local reporter in Saab's hometown of Trollhattan, told the news source. "We don't know if it's a Chinese or a Japanese company behind this conglomerate. Nobody really has a picture of what kind of resources they have or what their intentions are, besides the fact that they want to produce electric vehicles."

Since the company declared bankruptcy, the few remaining new models for sale were quickly snatched up from dealers. Many owners are holding onto their Swedish vehicles, as there is no certainty the brand will ever be revived or be the same if it does make a comeback.

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