Recognize National Teen Driver Safety Week With Good Road Practices

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From Oct. 18 to 26, teens around the country will be taking part in National Teen Driver Safety Week. The goal of the week-long campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers that young drivers face on the road, alerting both teens and their parents to the steps they can take to ensure a safer experience. 

One of the biggest supporters of National Teen Driver Safety Week is State Farm. The insurance company aims to bring together teens, parents and other involved parties in an effort to have everyone working together to encourage safer practices on the roads. By getting everyone on the same page and fostering an open environment, State Farm hopes to keep all young motorists secure. 

More than 3,000 high schools are participating in the week-long campaign, but that is just the beginning for many drivers. 

"Research has shown it will take the involvement of entire communities to keep teens safer on the road; there's not a one-step solution to reducing teen vehicle crashes," said Chris Mullen, director of technology research at State Farm. "Everyone needs to play a role – parents need to monitor their teens' driving practices more closely, teens must obey driving laws and be considerate passengers, and all states must enact and enforce strong graduated licensing laws for new drivers." 

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