Polk announces automotive loyalty awards

Buying a car is a very personal decision. Sure, cost and practicality can come into play when choosing what vehicle to buy, but ultimately the customer relies on his or her intuition. That’s why car companies put such a focus on developing brand loyalty with their consumers. People who have a good experience with one car may be more likely to purchase another from the brand, so it’s crucial that manufacturers really hone in on customer needs.

Recently, Polk announced the winners of its Automotive Loyalty Awards, which looked at how loyal customers were to specific automakers. The recognition awards have been presented for 17 years, and the Ford F-Series has taken home theprize for the past 15 in the Mid-/Full-size category. Ford also won the Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer and Overall Loyalty to Make awards.

Some of the other big winners included the Chrysler Town & Country, the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class and the Honda Civic.

“As manufacturers work to retain customers in this incredibly competitive market, we’re seeing increased activity surrounding customer engagement, which is beginning to resonate with consumers,” said Brad Smith, director of Polk’s Loyalty Management Practice. “Our automotive OEM and agency customers are developing new loyalty programs within their organizations, and as a result we’re seeing increases in repurchase loyalty.”

Consumers can become brand loyal at any time. People in the used car market may want to keep these awards in mind, as some of the winners could make for a great purchase. Luckily, New Jersey Auto Auction offers all kinds of car brands, so potential buyers are sure to find the makerthat they had in mind.