Pay Attention To Car Smells For Maintenance Cues

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Most drivers rely on the quality of their car's performance to clue them in on what is going on under the hood. However, motorists can use their sense of smell to figure out when their automobile needs a little extra attention. 

"Unusual smells can be the sign of serious, and potentially costly, trouble for your vehicle," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. "By acting quickly and making necessary repairs, you'll be able to breathe easy knowing there is no harmful damage to your car. … When you smell any peculiar odor, you should not ignore it. Instead, bring your vehicle to a professional service technician that you trust to get an informed opinion on the nature of the odor." 

The Car Care Council recommends drivers remain on the lookout for several odorous signs. For example, smelling burnt rubber could indicate that hoses or belts in an engine have become misplaced and are not functioning properly. Similarly, burning carpet could alert you to issues with brakes, which is a major safety hazard that needs to be addressed in a timely manner. 

Another potentially harmful odor drivers should be aware of is rotten eggs. While this smell may be difficult to diagnose, those who do get a whiff of it should be prepared to take their vehicle directly to a professional. The odor could be a sign of problems with the engine or the catalytic converter – both series issues that may interrupt your driving. 

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