Nissan to show off new models at LA Auto Show

Nissan has announced that it will debut five models, including one from its luxury Infiniti line, at the upcoming LA Auto Show.

According to Automobile Magazine, a production-spec Leaf will be unveiled for the first time. The highly-anticipated electric car has only been shown with unofficial parts that will not be in the final factory order. The car is set for a December release.

The other vehicles are all-new. The Ellure concept car is an aggressively styled four-door coupe designed to compete with upper-echelon vehicles like the Mercedes CLS-Class. Nissan will also show the Quest Minivan, which has only been glimpsed in teaser photos at this point. The last car from the Nissan line is the Murano CrossCabriolet, which Nissan says is the first all-wheel drive crossover convertible in the world, and expected to be an option on the Murano in 2011.

Infiniti meanwhile, is set to debut its M35 hybrid sedan, which the automaker has hyped by saying it will deliver “V-8 performance with four-cylinder fuel economy.”

As brands introduce new models, older ones get pushed to the used car market, where they can be found at a reduced price. Considering the number of changes planned for Nissan in the next few years, drivers may want to consider shopping for a used Nissan the next time they need a car.