Mystery Driver in Batman Suit Revealed

The internet was abuzz recently over the strange image of a man dressed in a Batman costume being pulled over by the police. While rumors flew about what the motorist was doing dressed like the Caped Crusader behind the wheel of a black Lamborghini, the mystery is over. According to The Washington Post, his secret identity is actually a Baltimore County businessman named Lenny B. Robinson, who dresses as Batman to visit sick children.

The heartwarming story adds a positive spin on what was a bizarre photo opportunity. The 48-year-old Robinson, who has been immensely successful, uses his wealth (and his Batman obsession) for the greater good, and often travels to hospitals not only meet with kids battling cancer and other diseases, but also to hand out Batman paraphernalia. Though he's not fighting crime like his idol, he still feels the need to do his job.

"It feels like I have a responsibility that’s beyond a normal person," he told the newspaper. "And that responsibility is to be there for the kids, to be strong for them, and to make them smile as much as I can."

Although he already drives an impressive ride (his Lamborghini is peppered with Batman logos), Robinson has some bigger plans in the works. Specifically, he is having a Batmobile custom built to resemble the one used in the movies, but it won't come cheap. The ride will cost him about $250,000.

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