More than 100 Cars Destroyed in Filming of New Die Hard Movie

While many people may be buying chocolates and flowers today, plenty others are heading to the theaters to see the latest edition in the Die Hard movie franchise. “A Good Day to Die Hard” premieres on the holiday of romance, because nothing says love like action, violence and car crashes.

The fifth installment of the action saga, featuring New York police officer John McClane​, marked the 25th anniversary of the original “Die Hard” that has become a legendary tome in the action movie genre, and the action has not slowed down any. The fourth film, “Die Hard with a Vengeance,” involved McClane driving a car off a ramp into a helicopter to create a Michael-Bay style explosion, but the fifth movie keeps things a bit more realistic with traditional action movie elements like car chases and shoot-outs.

According to USA Today, 132 vehicles were completely wrecked in the making of the latest Bruce Willis flick. Not only were these cars blown apart, smashed, demolished and otherwise wrecked for the sake of the film, but they were all used to shoot one car chase scene.

“There were 132 (cars) that could never be used again,” director John Moore told the news source. “Another 518 required a lot of work.”

Those planning to see the film will get to see a slew of vehicles get thoroughly trashed, including a Mercedes G Class SUV. 

While car crashes in movies may be fun and exciting, in real life they can be quite problematic. Even if (hopefully) no one is injured, drivers may be faced with a number of repairs to get their vehicles back on the road. In some cases cars may be irreparable, and those in need of replacement vehicles can head to NJ State Auto Auction, which carries a wide selection of affordable used cars.