More People Turning To Auto Loans

Used cars can be an incredibly smart investment, but drivers need to be able to find a deal they're comfortable with. After all, not all buyers can afford to throw down a wad of cash and drive off the lot without any future payments – in fact, very few people can do this. That's why securing a manageable loan is so important. 

Most drivers need financing options
Experian Automotive recently conducted a study exploring how many people needed a bit of financial help affording their next purchase. According to the report, more than half of used cars purchased in the fourth quarter of 2014 – about 55.2 percent – were bought with the help of financing. Not only is that a record high, but the average loan amount increased as well. Experian noted that this figure grew $437 to $18,411. 

Additionally, the report stated that loan terms for used vehicles also increased, reaching an average of 62 months. That's in spite of the fact that the average credit score for buyers climbed about two points to 648. All of this information gives prospective buyers a lot to think about, as they'll have to find a plan that balances loan length, interest rates and total monthly payments. 

"As more consumers lean on financing, it's important for them to consider all of the factors involved, including monthly payments, interest rates and loan terms," said Melinda Zabritski, Experian's senior director of automotive finance. "These insights will enable them to have a better understanding of their potential payment obligation and take the appropriate action in order to make the vehicle fit within their monthly budget and more easily meet payment terms throughout the life of the loan."

How to find the right deal
It may take time for you to select the financing option that's right for you. However, you can speed up the process with the help of NJ State Auto Auction. This lot boasts hundreds of Carfax-certified used cars for sale, but the real value may be in its on-site financing department. This team can help you get credit approval quickly, and you can even start the process online to save time. Many of these experts have experience dealing with extreme situations and tight budgets, so you'll be in capable hands – and may find yourself behind the wheel of a used car sooner rather than later.