Mercedes-Benz to recall M-Class SUVs

Mercedes-Benz has announced a massive recall on its M-Class SUVs, due to a potentially scary issue with cruise control that could cause it to remain engaged.

The recall applies mainly to used cars, as the German automaker announced that it will primarily be M-Class vehicles from 2000-2002 that are affected by the issue. A small number of vehicles made between 2002 and 2004 under the AMG high-performance line are also included. In total, 136,751 vehicles are included for the U.S.

Cruise control allows drivers to maintain a certain speed without having to use the gas pedal. Normally, tapping the brakes allows a driver to disengage cruise control. However, Mercedes found that in a rare number of cases a malfunction with a brake-lamp switch could mean that tapping the brakes wouldn't be enough to disengage the system, potentially leading to a panicked moment where the car would be accelerating with no way to stop it.

Mercedes says that the cruise control doesn't completely become locked. Drivers can still turn off cruise control using the "stalk" located on the steering wheel, according to the company. Harder braking will also cause the system to become disengaged.

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