Man finds 35 pounds of pot in gas tank

A used car owner who couldn’t figure out why his fuel gauge never showed more than half full got a big surprise this week when a mechanic found 35 pounds of pot in the vehicle’s gas tank.

Utah police say about $35,000 worth of marijuana was found in the tank of a 2009 Nissan Armada after its owner brought the vehicle in to see what was wrong with the gas gauge.

Although the drugs were tightly wrapped in plastic, gasoline had leaked into the packaging leading investigators to believe it had been in the car for months. The car had already had several owners and was used as a rental vehicle for a period.

Police say the current owner is not a suspect but think it will be difficult to track down were the drugs came from because it has changed hands so many times.

Officials say the car should be fine and in complete working order once the drugs are removed.

According to, the Nissan has produced the Armada since 2004 and says this year’s model “hauls like a gorilla on steroids.”

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