How to Know When to Change Steering Fluid


The steering fluid is a vital part of steering and handling maintenance of a used vehicle. It is extremely important to have a good upkeep of your steering liquid in order to avoid any steering jam or rusty functioning. The steering liquid is crucial as it is imperative to ensure the safety of you and your family while driving. The steering liquid is one of the most important checks to be made amongst others while servicing your vehicle. There are some evident signs to lookout for while checking and changing your steering fluid.

The dipstick

Once you have located the reservoir cylinder under the bonnet of your vehicle, you must use a dipstick in order to check the levels and color of the steering fluid in the reservoir cylinder. Typically, dipsticks would be part of your car purchase, or else it is easily available at any automobile store. Once you have the dipstick, dip it into the cylinder and check the level of steering fluid. Always subscribe to the levels suggested in the owner’s manual. Once you are done with the level, check the color of the fluid. If it is too dark, change the liquid and fill in a new batch which should be a dark amber color.

Funnel it

Use a funnel to add fresh steering fluid according to the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

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