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Is It Safe to Buy a Used EV?

If you’re looking to get your next vehicle, one option you might be considering is a used electric vehicle (EV). However, you don’t want to purchase something that isn’t safe to buy, so you’re wondering, is it safe to buy a used EV? The answer is definitely yes. Below, we’ll explain some of the reasons why it’s safe to buy a used EV, along with other benefits that come from getting one. If you have any questions, call NJ State Auto at (201) 204-9845.

Used EVs Are Typically in Good Condition

The first reason it’s safe to buy a used EV is that they’re typically in good condition. Since EVs are still relatively new, this means that most of the used models don’t have that many miles on them. Since they don’t have a lot of miles yet, they’re in better condition compared to other older used vehicles. This makes them a more reliable purchase, as they’re likely to last longer.

In addition, EVs have fewer mechanical components compared to standard vehicles. There’s less going on under the hood, which means that there are fewer things that can go wrong. If you’re worried about repair expenses with your used vehicle purchase, know that you’re less likely to need a repair if you buy a used EV.

Many Used EVs Have Warranty Protection

Another great benefit of buying a used EV is that many of them are still under warranty protection. When you buy a new EV, you typically get warranty protections on the powertrain and the battery. These protections can last for eight to 10 years, during which the manufacturer will cover any repair costs if something breaks down.

These warranties don’t expire when someone sells their vehicle. This means that if you’re buying a used EV that was made within the past decade or so, there’s a good chance that it still has some warranty protections on it. Check with the seller to see if there are any active warranties before you buy a used EV. If so, know that your purchase is better protected compared to other vehicles.

Used EVs Have Advanced Safety Features

Vehicle safety features continue to improve each year. The available safety features in a vehicle made today are far superior to those from a decade ago. Typically, the newer the model, the safer it is, thanks to innovations in safety technology. Since EVs are still a relatively new idea, this means that they often come with some of the latest safety features.

For example, you’ll likely be able to find used EVs with features such as lane departure warnings, automated emergency braking, and airbags located throughout the cabin. Check the EV you’re interested in, and you’ll probably see a long list of safety features designed to keep both the driver and passengers safe.

Other Benefits of Buying a Used EV

Between the high quality, continued warranties, and advanced safety features, used EVs are typically very safe to buy. However, these aren’t the only benefits of getting a pre-owned EV. Some other benefits include the following:

More Affordable

Getting a used EV allows you to save money compared to a new model. Since used EVs have some mileage on them, this lowers the price and makes them more affordable. However, many EVs are designed to last a long time, so you should still be able to get plenty of value out of your EV purchase. If you want to get an EV but also want to save some money, you should strongly consider getting a used model.

Save on Gas

Saving money on gas is one of the biggest benefits of getting an EV. With gas prices always changing, it’s hard to plan for how much you’ll need to spend on it in a given month with standard vehicles. This makes standard vehicles less affordable, especially if a month of heavy driving coincides with a rise in gas prices.

With an EV, you don’t need to worry about stopping at the gas station and filling up your tank. Instead, you just plug your vehicle in, either at your home or at a public charging station. While there are some costs associated with this, they’re typically lower than gas prices, which can help you save money.

Better for the Environment

A common reason that people buy EVs is that they’re better for the environment. Since they don’t use gas, there’s less carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere. However, buying a used EV is even better for the environment than buying a new one. This is because the production of new EV vehicles uses fossil fuels, so if you help to lower the demand for new EVs by getting a used one, you’re contributing to the manufacturer making fewer models.

Entertainment Features

Finally, as with safety features, EV models typically come with some of the latest entertainment features. This is true even with used EVs, as most of them were made within the past few years. Inside EVs, you’ll find entertainment features like a touch screen infotainment system, premium speakers, Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi hotspots, and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. This makes a used EV an excellent option, whether you’re just going to be driving around town or taking a long road trip.

Get Your Next Used EV From New Jersey State Auto Used Cars

As you can see, not only are used EVs safe to buy, but also there are many benefits to doing so. If you think that a used EV might be the choice for you, New Jersey State Auto Used Cars is here to help. We have a wide selection of used vehicles available, including many EVs.  You can easily browse through our current used cars inventory online to see what we have. Also, be sure to check out our latest vehicle specials and to use our trade-in calculator to help estimate your payments. Then, once you’re ready, contact us to schedule an appointment at our dealership, where we can answer any questions you may have and take you out for a test drive.