Hyundai Named The Most Reliable Auto Manufacturer

Finding a dependable vehicle is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to buy a used car. In fact, it is one of the biggest factors for drivers, and it can certainly sway someone from one automobile to another. For the third year in a row, CarMD has created the Manufacturer & Vehicle Reliability Rankings to help motorists zero in on the most dependable models, and the findings may impact the car-shopping process for many buyers. 

When it comes to reliable automakers, Hyundai topped the list. The South Korean brand had the lowest ratio of reported incidents per cars on the road, and it also boasted a relatively low average repair cost of $312.67. Hyundai's first-place finish was an improvement on the past two years, when it came in second place, and its success pushed the reigning champion Toyota into the No. 2 spot. Toyota also had few reported problems on the roads, but its average repair cost was considerably higher – it clocked in at more than $540, which was the highest of the top 10 brands. 

Completing the top five in the list of the most dependable manufacturers was General Motors, Chrysler and Honda. GM featured the lowest average repair cost at $304.99. Despite the success of those brands, the rankings of individual models featured some other vehicles. Although the Toyota Camry was found to be the most reliable edition, Nissan stole the show after it managed to land five automobiles in the top 10. The Altima came in at No. 2, and multiple models of the Rogue and Sentra also landed on the list. 

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