Hyundai Earns Distinction As A Best-Value Brand

Drivers shopping around for a used car are typically on the lookout for value. Finding options with great features at a manageable price is of the utmost importance for motorists, especially those who are on a budget. That is why some organizations go above and beyond to look at qualities like price and ownership experience to determine which automobiles offer the best value to drivers. 

Strategic Vision did just that, and it recently released the winners of its Total Value Awards. These accolades were created to honor those vehicles that provide drivers with the most bang for their buck, and for the first time in the 18 years of the study, Hyundai came out on top. The brand was acknowledged as one of the best for its combination of reliability, durability, fuel economy and pricing.  

A few specific models stood out for the Asian brand. Specifically, the Hyundai Equus took the lead among luxury cars, while the Sonata, Genesis Coupe and Elantra also claimed the 'Most Valuable' title for each of their respective segments. Although other brands like Chevrolet and Ford also landed on the list with certain vehicles, none of those automakers had the same impact as Hyundai. 

"Hyundai continues to offer customers the highest-quality products, packed with premium technologies and best-in-class safety features," said Mike O'Brien, a vice president at Hyundai Motor America. "Awards like this from Strategic Vision reflect our hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction and value." 

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