What to Do to Store Your Used Car for a Nasty NY Winter

To protect your car from the volatile weather of winter, it’s a good idea to put it in storage. However, it’s not as easy as just parking it in a garage, covering it, locking the door, and walking away until April. At our used car dealership serving NY, we have some tips to help you get the most out of storing your car for the winter.

Creature Comforts

First of all, don’t store a dirty car. This may seem simple, but before you leave it for the winter, your vehicle must be thoroughly detailed. Even if it doesn’t seem “dirty” per se, it will need some level of care in places you may not have considered. Apply a protective coating to unpainted metal parts of your used car (avoiding any areas of the car that get very hot, as spray-on coating is very flammable), as they can be prone to rusting, especially during a wet New York winter. If you decide to steam clean the interior, do so a healthy amount of time before storage to avoid mold or mildew buildup, and then place a few packages of desiccant on the floor of your vehicle to keep moisture out for the season.
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Mind the Mechanics

“Remove and store your car battery to make sure it runs reliably when it’s finally time to get back behind the wheel.”

Tires, fluids, and power sources- these are all things troubled by cold, even on cars that are driven all year. Special attention must be paid to these components when it’s time to put your vehicle away for the winter. For example, overinflate the tires (without exceeding the maximum air pressure) because the tires will deflate over the course of the winter. Add fuel stabilizer to keep the gas in your tank in premium condition, as normal fuel has a shelf life of around three months. Remove and store your car battery to make sure it runs reliably when it’s finally time to get back behind the wheel.
Make sure you do your research to ensure all the proper steps are taken to preserve your vehicle before you store it for the winter. If you want to get one last tuneup before it’s time to pack it up, contact us to schedule a service appointment!

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