How To Handle Credit After A Divorce

There are many reasons why your credit score may be less than stellar. For many people, the hit to their credit history may be the result of a divorce. With legal fees to pay and a new home to outfit, you've likely been spending a lot of money, and you may even be trying to balance these expenses with past debts. All of this activity can wreak havoc on your credit, putting you in a tough position when shopping for used cars. 

Luckily, you aren't out of options when it comes to securing auto financing and getting behind the wheel. Focus on these areas when you're trying to get your finances aligned after a divorce. 

Explain the circumstances
One of the most basic things you can do is explain to the seller or lender why you're in a certain situation. recommended studying your credit history to see if there are any dips or problematic areas you can account for in a discussion. The source also stated that credit scores aren't the only factor considered when finalizing the terms of a loan, so be sure to provide an explanation of your current situation. 

"If you understand the details of your credit history before speaking with a lender, you'll be able to make a stronger case for your qualifications as a borrower," said Emma Johnson, a personal finance expert. "Worst case scenario, if you are forced to accept a loan with a high interest rate, you can always refinance or buy another vehicle under better terms in a few years when you are back on your feet and your credit has improved."

Cover your financial bases 
When you're heading in to meet with the financing department at NJ State Auto, you should have certain monetary concerns covered. For example, make sure you carry proof of your income from after the divorce. You may have to explain your new financial situation, and having evidence makes your job much easier. It could be beneficial to budget for a larger down payment as well, as this could make you a more attractive candidate. 

You should also take a look back at your debts to determine if there are any steps you can take to separate yourself from the loans. Identify any debts that are the responsibility of your ex-partner, and consider working with him or her to remove your name from these sums. Similarly, you need to take your name off the title and insurance of your old vehicle, which will get you ready to make a purchase.