Honda dealing with recalls, hackers

Honda has announced that it will be recalling a large number of new and late-model used Honda Accords and Pilots due to an issue with the suspension system.

Rather than a flaw in the design of the vehicle, the problem stems from a piece of critical machinery at the Japanese automaker's Alabama manufacturing plant. A machine that was supposed to tighten the bolts on the vehicle's suspension may have been calibrated incorrectly, leading to the possibility that the pieces connecting the suspension to the front axle could come loose. The flaw was caught by workers at the plant.

The recall notice applies to 10,800 Accords and Pilots manufactured at the plant since 2010. Affected owners have already been notified.

In a separate incident, the company also sent out a notice to nearly 2.2 million customers who had registered with the company on their website. A group of hackers were apparently able to steal a list of email addresses and passwords from the company, along with vehicle identification numbers (VINs). Although sensitive information like social security numbers were not obtained, users who use the same password for every website could potentially be exposed to further attacks.