Healthy Restaurants in Jersey City, NJ

Healthy Restaurants in Jersey City, NJ

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Jersey City is one of the best places to eat due to its variety of options. All within the same city you can eat all kinds of healthy meals without compromising flavor or quality. Jersey City is well known for its general accommodation for those who choose to live a vegetarian lifestyle or eat gluten-free. There are many dining options for you in Jersey City if you ever happen to visit.

If you’re on the fence about eating healthier or are just preparing for a trip to Jersey City, we have some restaurants below that you may want to consider. From bars to fine dining to whole food local eateries, you can find a diverse range of places to choose from in the heart of Jersey City. If you enjoy healthy dining, you may want to visit some of these places.

Short Grain

Short Grain is a sandwich shop on Montgomery Street in Jersey City. It features healthy sandwiches, fresh juice drinks, and a small cafe. This local sandwich shop is part of the historical aspect of the Van Vorst Park district of town, making it a stop both for sightseeing tourists and anyone who wants a good sandwich. In addition to having generally healthy options for their customers, Short Grain also offers vegan and gluten-free meals for those with dietary needs.

Jersey City Fish Stand

Jersey City Fish Stand is a seafood restaurant that provides healthy and delicious seafood, and gluten-free options for its customers. Fish can come battered or fried, prepared in different dishes such as salads, dinner platters, and solo plates. Even if customers don’t know what kind of fish they want, the fish stand provides all the information they need to know via informational pamphlets. This information can help even inexperienced visitors make the best choice for their dinner.

Subia’s Organic Cafe

Located on Jersey Avenue, Subia’s Organic Cafe is a dairy-free, vegan option for those spending time in Jersey City. The cafe is small and family-owned, making it perfect for those who want an authentic Jersey City local experience. One unique aspect of Subia’s Organic Cafe is that it offers brunch every day, instead of just on Sunday. If you plan on visiting the cafe, Subia’s has some unique hours that you may want to keep in mind. The restaurant is closed on Mondays, while the kitchen is usually closed from 3:30 p.m to 4:45 p.m on each weekday.

Whos Gluten Free

Whos Gluten Free is a bakery and sweet treat store just off of Mallory Avenue in Jersey City. Whos Gluten Free specializes in baked goods, full gluten-free meals, and sweets. The mission of Whos Gluten Free is to lower the amount of sugar and extra additives that appear in everyday meals. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, but are working on a diet, you can come to Whos Gluten Free to have a healthy treat.

They offer a variety of sweet baked goods that help nourish and improve your body. From shakes, to ice cream, to cookies and other baked goods, Whos Gluten Free is a necessary stop for anyone who loves healthy, sweet food.

Tea NJ

Tea NJ offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options on its menu. Tea NJ gains and keeps its popularity due to almost all of its menu being vegan-friendly. In addition to its robust and inclusive menu, they add new items almost every month. This helps satisfy both the locals’ and tourists’ needs. As an inclusive restaurant, Tea NJ has items for vegetarians as well. If you eat meat, that’s ok too, because Tea NJ also serves some non-vegan entrees so that nobody feels left out.

Cafe Dolma

Cafe Dolma is a two-story cafe on Grand Street in Jersey City. There you can relax in the calm ambiance and enjoy your pastries, snacks, desserts, and coffee either indoors or out on the cafe’s patio. Ever since its opening in 2016, Cafe Dolma has been a healthy alternative to the traditional cafe, with less sugar and cream added to coffee that still tastes great. The cafe also has vegan and vegetarian options for those who want snacks. Some gluten-free options are also available in the cafe.

The Cliff

The Cliff is a Congress Street favorite in Jersey City. With healthy foods and good coffee, the backyard cafe is somewhat popular with locals. Because it’s a somewhat hidden away location, as a visitor, you may want to consider asking for clarification on directions. The Cliff features a small dine-in area with a sidewalk outdoor dining area. Its menu features different kinds of salads, lunch bowls, and wraps. The vegan and the vegetarian-friendly menu allows anyone with dietary restrictions or requests to have a relaxing time at the cafe.

Latham House

Latham House is a restaurant that offers many healthy options for its guests. Some of these healthy menu items include salmon, grains, greek salad, greens salad, and a number of veggie side items. Latham House offers something for everyone, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Some key dishes at Latham include Herb Crusted Salmon, Thai Bouillabaisse, and Moroccan Spiced Lamb Meatballs.

Orale Mexican Kitchen

Orale Mexican Kitchen is a seasonal restaurant in downtown Jersey City. The Mexican cuisine served there has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, with flavorful options on both sides. The restaurant features share items that two or more people can order and share together.

Considering going to one of these places in Jersey City? Are there any places we missed? Reach out to us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you! There are tons of places to stop and see in Jersey City, for shopping, eating, or just relaxing. If you’re in the Jersey City area, why not consider coming to New Jersey State Auto? We sell quality used cars that have been tested, cleaned, and verified by experts. Come visit us in Jersey, or give us a call or text on our contact page.