Ford details car color trends

Ford has been studying buying trends lately in order to improve its offerings, and one of the areas that the company has looked closely at is how the color of a vehicle factors into a driver's decision.

The company found that the vast majority of consumers in America and Europe played it quite safe with their choices – white, black, silver and gray are the most popular color selections. Yet it's not completely true across the board – tastes vary a bit depending on the region.

For example, silver and gray are the top choice for big cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Black is king in Boston, while white is the top color for San Francisco. Tastes vary in Europe as well: Ireland prefers silver, Denmark likes black, and both French and Italian drivers are fans of tan.

Some places buck the trend of grayscale-inspired car colors and branch out into the rainbow. The Czech Republic, for example, is the only country studied to break out of the gray/black/white/silver mold, as drivers in this country generally buy blue. Red is very popular in the American midwest, while Philadelphia and Pittsburgh drivers "go green."

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