Finding the Perfect Car for Winter Driving

Drivers who live in the New York/New Jersey area know very well that winter weather can make driving a challenge. While this region may not be snow-covered all winter long, the icy conditions that occur throughout the season should be taken into consideration when picking out a used car. Some vehicles are better than others when it comes to traversing ice and snow, and the best choice may not always be a large SUV, either.

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently named its top 10 picks for the best new cars for winter weather, and a few choices may be useful for those looking to purchase used cars. The 2013 Subaru Outback, for instance, was chosen for its all-wheel-drive system that helps the car stay firmly planted on the road no matter how slippery it gets. The Outback has been in production for many years, making it easy for car shoppers to find a used model for sale that offers the same benefits. The 2006 Subaru Outback Wagon comes standard with all-wheel-drive and it has plenty of cargo space, according to Edmunds.

Another model on KBB’s list was the 2013 Toyota Sienna. Drivers looking for an affordable minivan that has enough space for the whole family and can also keep them safe on the road all year long can check out a used Sienna. Know best perhaps for its sleek design, the Sienna is the only minivan that also offers all-wheel drive.

Car shoppers can head to New Jersey Auto Auction to find the winter-worthy vehicle they desire. There is a wide selection of makes and models to choose from, and every car on the lot is CARFAX certified, so motorists will know they’re getting behind the wheel of a reliable ride.