Fiesta delays don’t dampen enthusiasm

After massively hyping its new subcompact, the Fiesta, Ford‘s momentum was derailed somewhat after a parts issue and Hurricane Alex delayed delivery of vehicle pre-orders.

However, those who bought the car aren’t disappointed with the quality of the vehicle, according to customers interviewed by the Detroit Free Press.

“It doesn’t feel like a small car, and it drives like a sports car,” said Deborah Melvin, a teacher from North Carolina.

“It’s definitely worth the wait,” said Amy Spradlin, 19, who bought a black Fiesta hatchback with plum seats. “It’s a great college car, and it’s a great car if you are on the go.”

Ford’s heavy use of social media to promote the vehicle seems to have worked. On Facebook groups and other websites, drivers were able to join the “Fiesta Movement,” a community built around love for the car. And although many of the pre-order customers are frustrated, especially since their custom-built orders are taking longer than regular models, those who have received the car tell the others not to worry.

“I tell them just be patient. It’s worth waiting for,” said Sue Moon, of Pennsylvania, whose white Fiesta with custom graphics was delayed for months.

The Fiesta is already an economic option, but drivers may wish to wait for the car to hit the used auto market in order to take advantage of even more savings.