EPA Announces New Emissions Standards

Fuel economy has been a major concern for consumers in recent years, and those who are hoping that reduced gasoline dependency will help protect the environment will be glad to know new rules are being put in place to help Mother Earth. The U.S Environmental protection Agency (EPA) recently announced updated gasoline usage standards that are aimed at reducing pollution as well as improving safety on the road and helping drivers save money at the pump.

"The Obama administration has taken a series of steps to reinvigorate the auto industry and ensure that the cars of tomorrow are cleaner, more efficient and saving drivers money at the pump, and these common-sense cleaner fuels and cars standards are another example of how we can protect the environment and public health in an affordable and practical way," said Bob Perciasepe, the EPA's acting administrator.

The new emission and fuel standard is known as "Tier 3," and its implementation will be required by 2017. Under the new rules, the amount of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides will have to be reduced by 80 percent, automakers will have to cut toxic air pollutants by 40 percent, and fuel vapor emissions will need to be as close to zero as possible.

Some are concerned that the new standards will increase gas prices, but the EPA indicates these changes will actually reduce the cost of fuel by as much as a penny a gallon. The cost of new cars may increase an average of $130, but the savings in environmental protection and healthcare can more than make up for this. Previous studies have found children exposed to vehicle emissions can develop respiratory problems such as asthma.

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