The Emergence of Formula E Racing

formula E 1

For the most part, when it comes to motorsports across the world, it is generally gas guzzling vehicles that seem to come to mind. Whenever there is a motorsports angle on anything, there is always an environmental angle to be considered. It is always seen as a problem when it comes to sustainable growth and development of the world. The most prominent sport in the motorsports space is the renowned Formula 1. Additionally, there are various other races like Formula 2 and Formula 3. These are essentially the same races with different norms and rules, and also different engine sizes and segments.

The new rage, however, is Formula E. It is basically something that has evolved after due importance given to the environmental issue that has been looming over the world and many global issues for a long time. Formula E has also evolved in motorsports competitions to display to the world the alternative and equally efficient forms of energy that exist to power vehicles at high speeds for motorsports enthusiasts. The ‘E’ in Formula E stands for electric, which basically means that all the competing vehicles are electrically powered and do not have any carbon footprint.

The move to create an alternative energy platform for motorsports by the FIA was hailed by environmental agencies across the world. To buy a used vehicle that is also environmentally friendly, visit the New Jersey State Auto Auction today.





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