Drivers of used cars in New Jersey will find more room on the road this Fourth of July

By Admin | Posted in General Auto News on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at

Buyers looking at used cars in New Jersey to take on a road trip this summer may find their vacations more economical as AAA says that struggling retailers could mean savings for travelers.

To find the best deals, they say that travelers should check out local information from the visitor’s center, or even asking residents about deals that may not be well publicized once they arrive.

Before they start the trip, however, they can save some money by making sure that fluid levels in their vehicles are topped off and the tires fully inflated.

Also, whether they’re driving used cars in New York or other states, vacationers can save on fuel and improve handling by packing as lightly as possible to avoid weighing down their vehicle.

There could be another silver lining to the economic downturn that may make trips less aggravating this summer: nearly 900,000 fewer people will be on the road this Fourth of July weekend, which could mean fewer bottlenecks and stop-and-go traffic tie-ups as well.

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