Consumer Reports releases Automakers Report Card

Consumer Reports has revealed the results of its Annual Automakers Report Card, and while the top and bottom spots remained the same, there was a bit of a shuffle in the middle.

Honda once again topped the list, with the automaker scoring an overall rating of 74. The ratings are compiled after the magazine tests each vehicle at nearly 50 different data points. The scores for each vehicle are then averaged across the entire fleet, giving a ranking for the automaker as a whole.

Despite not nearly generating the sales interest that the major brands do, Subaru was able to earn second place with a score of 73. That beat out the largest automaker in the world, Toyota, which scored a 71 overall.

The most improved automaker was Ford, with the company noting that the brand had made some major jumps in reliability. The manufacturer scored a 67, good enough for fifth place on the report.

Other domestic automakers didn't fare so well. Chrysler was once again in last place with a score of 43, while General Motors was next-to-last at 56. Despite this, the guide did have a few encouraging words, noting that many of the companies' new models were promising, but the older cars dragged their average down.

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