Consider The Benefits Of Winter Tires

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Drivers all around the U.S. are getting ready to buckle down for winter driving. As leaves fall from trees and create slick roads or ice builds up on the streets, motorists have to pay extra attention to where they are driving and what is happening around them. Many of these car owners make it a point to upgrade some of the features of their vehicles so they are better suited for the season. 

Popular tire manufacturer Bridgestone is launching a challenge known as "Conquer the Cold," which aims to promote the many benefits of winter tires. These devices are specifically designed to perform in low temperatures and rough conditions. They maintain their elasticity even as the weather grows cold, gripping icy or wet surfaces with ease. 

"Winter tires provide increased traction, braking and handling in wintry conditions, all of which are important for safe driving during the winter season," said Philip Dobbs, chief marketing officer of Bridgestone Americas. "Think about it this way – a snowplow can't clear the cold. If it's cold enough to see your breath, you should consider changing to winter tires." 

Although some drivers may think their regular tires are adequate, using all-season tires means sacrificing maximum performance. This can cause motorists to have to replace tires more frequently or invest in other types of auto repair and maintenance. It may also result in less traction on the roads, which is a major safety concern for many. 

Winter tires are just the beginning of cold-weather preparations. If you want to make sure your vehicle is ready for low temperatures, take it into the Total Car Care Center at NJ State Auto Auction. The garage caters to the public and can address any issues you may have. 

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