Chevrolet to offer Eco package on Malibu

Drivers looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle have been flocking to the Chevrolet Cruze Eco, which is a special package available on the regular Cruze compact. Essentially, this upgrade adds extra features like air shutters to improve the vehicle's fuel efficiency.

The idea has been successful for GM, so the automaker is now looking to bring "Eco" packages to other models. First up is the recently-unveiled 2013 Chevy Malibu. The car recently debuted at the Shanghai International Auto Show, but already the automaker has announced that the Malibu will be available with the Eco packages.

Outfitting the Cruze with the Eco trim level bumps the highway miles per gallon up to 42, but Chevy doesn't believe that the Malibu will crack 40 mpgs with its highway rating. Instead, the automaker revealed that it is expecting EPA-rated mileage of 38 on the highway and 26 in the city for the Malibu Eco.

And unlike the Cruze version, the Eco won't be using air shutters to achieve the higher rating. Instead, it will be getting a battery system that will technically turn it into a hybrid, although these types of cars are referred to as "mild hybrids."

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