Check Out These Star-Studded Celebrity Car Campaigns

Cars and celebrities are a match made in heaven, and auto manufacturers know it. This is why more stars have been driving their way into ad campaigns in recent years. Using star power to sell a product is far from new, but the double glitz factor of famous people in fancy cars is particularly intriguing for consumers. Especially when it comes to high-end luxury models, pairing a famous face with a high-end car can be a good way for manufacturers to generate an added buying incentive for those who may be on the fence about splurging on a new set of wheels.

Here are some of the more recent and high-profile celebrity car campaigns:

The German car company launched a campaign back in March to raise awareness of its new A3, the first in the manufacturer's line of affordable luxury cars, reported. In order to generate buzz, the company turned to several celebrities in a minute-long commercial mixing Hollywood star power, intriguing cuts of the Audi A3 and the music of rock superstars Queen.

Everyone from athletes to musicians to actors lent their talent to the project. One of the most notable additions was Ricky Gervais, comedian and television producer responsible for shows like "The Office." The funny man's appearance book-ended the commercial, with the messaging encouraging viewers to "stay uncompromised."

This veteran of the luxury market recently embraced and celebrated its U.K. heritage by enlisting the help of several prominent English celebrities in its new campaign. According to MarketingWeek, jaguar's campaign, dubbed FeelXE, sees British superstars such as Idris Elba loaning their faces and voices to the company's cause. Post-2008 recession, Jaguar is looking to reestablish the wow factor driving a high-end luxury car can evoke, and pairing its sleek wheels with some of the most well-known individuals from the U.K. is certainly a move aimed at doing just that.

Of course, not all campaigns are designed around selling luxury cars. Some, like Avis' recent star-studded series, just want to give people what they need. The rental car company launched a handful of spots featuring celebrities such as fashion photographer Nigel Barker and beach volleyball player Gabriella Reece, GlobalNewswire stated in a press release. Rather than position expensive cars as solid buys, the celebs advocated Avis as a sensible rental option for business travelers in need of a car while on the road.

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