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Nissan unveils Infiniti Performance Line

While used Nissans and Infinitis can be great buys, drivers may be a bit envious of those lucky enough to ride around in BMWs or Mercedes – especially the performance-oriented models. However, a new initiative from the Japanese automaker will soon see Infiniti debut cars closer to the turbocharged stallions of other fleets.

In recent years, luxury brands have introduced performance lines, like Mercedes’ AMG, BMW‘s M, or Lexus‘ F. These lineups represent racing-inspired vehicles that tout performance and horsepower over a nice interior or sleek design (although they frequently have those as well). Nissan’s Infiniti luxury brand will soon follow suit by debuting the IPL, or Infiniti Performance Line.

The first car out of the IPL will hit showrooms in December in the form of the IPL G Coupe. Based off an Infiniti G37, the car’s 348-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine will be sure to turn a few heads in the high-end class. And if it doesn’t, then the optional red interior might do the trick.

Although these cars can come with hefty price tags, drivers may be able to save off the sticker price by shopping on the used car market.

New Jersey Nets guard walks away unharmed after one-car accident

Late last month, New Jersey Nets star Keyon Dooling received an assist from the Closter Police Department after crashing his Infiniti sports utility vehicle during one of February’s most violent snowstorms.

The Nets backup point guard was on his way to practice on February 25 when he hit an ice patch, slid over the curb and blew one of his tires before colliding with a stop sign, according to Ironically, the Nets had cancelled practice just minutes before Dooling’s accident due to the inclement snowstorm, but he had left early to try to beat the weather and was not home to receive the call.

“I have to get here at least two hours before practice to get my body going,” laughed the veteran, who has been bit by the injury bug during each of his four stops with NBA teams.

Luckily for Dooling, who walked away unharmed after the accident, the Nets sent an intern driving a GMC SUV “with some good old American muscle” to pick up the club’s second leading assist man.

Dooling indicated to reporters after the accident that he planned to ditch his SUV for a Ford pickup, which is better equipped to handle the winter conditions in New Jersey.

Fewer unneeded features could be a reason to look at used Infinitis in New Jersey

If you like the idea of driving a car from a luxury automaker, but don’t need a lot of the extra features that have been included in upcoming models, a used Infiniti in New Jersey might be worth the look.

One example of the addition of expensive extras includes the “Forest Air” system offered on the 2011 model of the Infiniti M-class, available this spring. The automaker argues that people will want to drive in a car that approximates the feel of the woods, adding “gentle breezes and optimizing humidity.”

The company didn’t issue any cost specifications on what the Forest Air experience adds to the price of a new Infiniti, but with current models topping out over $50,000, it’s likely to play a role in putting the car out of the range of more modest budgets.

For tens of thousands of dollars less a used Infiniti M45 in New Jersey “copes easily with moderate curves,” notes reviewer Jim Flammang, adding that “the solid steering feel is somewhat on the heavy side, but it’s rather precise.”

It was newly re-designed that year, and includes a 335-horsepower V8 engine, according to the website.

Lindsay Lohan spotted in a vehicle that could drive purchases of used Infinitis in New York

So might not be a celebrity DJ like Samantha Ronson, and Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to be landing in the passenger seat of your vehicle any time soon. But a used Infiniti sedan in New York, like a G35, could be a more affordable alternative to the exotics that normally occupy celebrity garages.

Although there were a handful of paparazzi making sure to get a shot of Ms. Lohan as she got inside Ronson’s car, none of them thought to ask either of the women why they would be driving an Infiniti as opposed to other common celebrity cars like a Prius or luxury SUVs.

A used Infiniti G35 in New York offers room for the driver and three friends, famous or not, and is “sporty in both appearance and feel,” according to a review of the 2006 model.

While you could use “sumptuously shaped” to describe older models of Ms. Lohan, the writers at the website chose them to describe the body shape of the 2006 Infiniti G35, adding that “it takes curves beautifully.”

Buyers can skip Concours d’Elegance and see used Infiniti M35s in New York

Across the country in California, the next generation Infinit M-series was on display at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, but buyers looking for an affordable sedan may consider used Infiniti M30s in New York instead.

In fact, visitors at the event weren’t able to see a production model of the 2011 sedan, as Infiniti instead offered a 3D “virtual only” display at the luxury automotive event.

The new vehicle is based off the Essence, with sharp, sloping lines and engines that reportedly offer fuel economy in spite of higher-horsepower engines.

But buyers who look at used Infiniti M35s in New York will also find a midsize sedan with a variety of powertrain options, and at a fraction of the price.

A 2006 M35 comes with a 280-horsepower V6 standard to complement a “really, really good car packed with more usable technology than any one car in recent memory,” according to reviewers.

The sedan comes with styling similar to the G-series of compact sedans, but offers a more conventional styling than the newer variants, reported the website.

Luxury used cars for under $30,000

Most people, especially in today’s economy, would think that buying a luxury car is out of their price range. But AOL Autos says there are a number of luxury used cars that can be had for under $30,000.

The website lists a number of Acuras including the 2005-2006 MDX, the 2007 RDX and the 2006-2007 TL, which it says used car buyers might be able to find in the Type S package featuring a 286 horsepower, 3.5 liter engine.

A new fully loaded Infinity G35 is going to go for over $40,000, but AOL Autos says a slightly used version is going to dramatically cut down on price and while it’s a sedan, it still has some considerable power with the manual boasting 298 horsepower.

According to the website the one luxury used car that can do no wrong is a Lexus of any kind.

“Bottom line, given the [Lexus’] reputation for high-end luxury, quality and long-term dependability, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the above-named Lexus entries,” said the website. “And all have plenty of engine oomph and luxo-line amenities.”

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