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The top 7 best cars in movies

Think of your favorite movies. What are some of the key elements that made those films so memorable? The characters? The story? Some of the greatest movies cemented their places in pop culture because of the cars featured in them. Let's take a glance at the seven best cars from the movies:

1. 2015 Aston Martin DB10 from "Spectre" 
Some would argue that the defining characteristics of the James Bond films are the cars, specifically the Aston Martins. Each film features a newer, sexier version than the last. As a result, the latest 007 movie left audiences in awe of the Aston Martin DB10. The sleek body and tricked-out features will leave any car enthusiast drooling.

2. 1970 Dodge Charger from "The Fast and the Furious" 
The FatF franchise is known for its crazy race scenes and modified cars. However, there is one vehicle that stands apart from the rest. Dom's classic Charger is a true thing of beauty. This car was also featured in the "Dukes of Hazzard" as the General Lee.

3. 1984 Ford Econoline from "Dumb and Dumber" 
To avoid taking ourselves too seriously, we can all admit that we loved the Mutts Cutts van from the 1994 comedy classic. It's almost impossible not to giggle every​ time the shaggy, dog-faced Econoline comes chugging onto the screen.

4. 1973 Ford Falcon from "Mad Max" 
Though the filmmakers altered the car to give it more of a wasteland appearance, the Ford Falcon still impressed audiences the moment it revved up. In fact, Popular Mechanics ranks this ride the 8th most popular car from movies.

Cars are a big part of what makes certain movies special to audiences.Cars are a big part of what makes certain movies special to audiences.

5. 2008 Audi R8 from "Iron Man" 
Any machinery that impresses Tony Stark should earn our respect. That is why when Iron Man himself rolled onto the scene in an Audi R8, we decided to take a moment to acknowledge the beauty and power behind the car. According to Auto Trader, this car is the first sports car from Audi and comes with a "420 horsepower V8 engine and Quattro all-wheel drive."

6. 1958 Plymouth Fury from "Christine" 
What would this list be if we neglected to include the iconic Christine? If any car could take Arnie from geek to cool in a few scenes, it was the Plymouth Fury. Hopefully, drivers who choose to get behind the wheel of their own don't get the same evil urges he did 

7. 1981 DeLorian from "Back to the Future" 
While this car is last on our list, it's first in many of the hearts of film lovers. John DeLorian's brainchild redefined the limits for vehicle design. Though his product was a market flop, it's still fun to watch Doc and Marty punch it to a whopping 88 MPH  to successfully travel through time. 

Cinema could be considered a moving time capsule for different generations. Looking at movies across the decades, we can see what people found most attractive and interesting about the cars of the time. To find one of the cars on our list for yourself, visit the New Jersey State Auto Auction website today.

Lincoln shows off impressive new concept car at NY Auto Show

Attendees of the 2016 New York International Auto Show were treated to a first look at Lincoln's new Navigator concept car. The unusual model probably had onlookers half-expecting the vehicle to set sails or take flight – anything but simply drive down the street.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the statement-making Lincoln Navigator concept took its inspiration from yachting. The model boasts large, graceful gullwing doors that sweep out from either side of the vehicle and a classy retro interior that features seaworthy teak detailing.

The reveal of the impressive vehicle follows a years-long effort by the Lincoln brand to revive its image and boost sales. The brand, owned by Ford, believes the new design, is just what consumers need – even if it is a little over-the-top.

"Gullwing doors are not at the top of [consumers] needs right now," said president of the Lincoln brand Kumar Galhotra in an interview with USA Today. "There are two reasons that we did this. One is that it's a concept. Concept (vehicles) offer great ways to explore ideas. The second is that the interior of the vehicle is very important … and this is a great way to showcase that interior."

Rehabbing the brand
The past several years have not been easy for Lincoln. According to Yahoo! Finance, the brand sold a miniscule 80,000 vehicles in 2014 – compared to around 250,000 a year in the early 1990s. Its most famous offering, the Lincoln Continental, had since retired, and its last remaining major player, the Lincoln Navigator, was a clunky SUV that cost a small fortune just to fill up, explained the source.

Ford was considering shuttering Lincoln's doors forever, but Mark Fields, who would later become Ford's CEO, talked the then-CEO out of it, feeling a renewed sense of hope in the brand's future.

Key to the brand's future were two things: a commitment to "quiet luxury" as the Lincoln mantra and Matthew McConaughey.

You've seen the commercials: A suave McConaughey drives a Lincoln around while muttering weird things. Sometimes he's en route to a fancy dinner party, sometimes he's randomly in the desert facing down a bull. No matter the setting, you can be sure he's going to say some strange stuff like:

"Sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward." Or: "That's a big bull." Or even: "I just liked it."

What are you trying to say, Matthew?! The ads are odd and unconventional, that's for sure. But they certainly worked, despite of – or perhaps because of – their weirdness. After the premier of the ads, Lincoln had its strongest October sales since 2007, with sales up 25 percent, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A wave of parodies followed suit, the most famous of which were a series of SNL skits starring Jim Carrey. According to THR, the skits led to a more than 100 percent increase in Lincoln brand visibility on social media. 

Quiet luxury soars
The many, many parodies of the McConaughey ads aside, Lincoln's new image took flight. With lots of luxury vehicles on the market that emphasized engine power and other hard performance specs, Lincoln leadership wanted to appeal to wealthy consumers that didn't care for hefty horsepower or turbo-charged stats, explained Yahoo! Finance. "Quiet luxury" was what Lincoln wanted to represent, and it seems to be working.

"We made a very big commitment to Lincoln about three years ago, saying we want to turn Lincoln into a world-class luxury brand with a client experience to match," said current Ford CEO Mark in an interview with Business Insider, as reported by Yahoo! Finance. "And we've had a lot of success implementing that strategy. We grew our sales and our market share two years in a row. In the first couple of months of this year our sales are up 19%."

And the gullwing-boasting Lincoln Navigator is all about taking that quiet luxury to new heights. According to USA Today, the production version of the vehicle is slated to go on sale in 2017, which is exactly 20 years after the original Navigator was introduced to the world.

But you don't need to be a millionaire – or Matthew McConaughey – to drive a Lincoln. Head to NJ State Auto today to find a Lincoln that suits your wallet, and your needs.