Car Loan Payments Consumers’ Top Priority

Results of a recent study show how important making car payments is to American consumers. Research from TransUnion found that people are paying off their auto loans before other expenses, including mortgages and credit card bills, The Associated Press reports.

The credit information company looked at how roughly 4 million Americans paid off their debts. To be included in the analysis, the subjects had to have at least one car loan, one credit card, and a mortgage. TransUnion discovered that the auto loan took priority above all else. Only around 10 percent of people were late on car loan payments, while 39 percent were late on mortgage payments. Additionally, 17 percent were late on credit cards.

The findings are a bit different from when the company looked at similar figures in 2006. Back then, analysts found that staying current on a mortgage was the most important thing, while car loan payments were toward the bottom. Some believe that the shift has to do with how important it is to have a car.

"I can work with the credit card companies. They won't shut off or take away anything," Maryland residnet Matt Saxton told the AP. "I won't have the ability to get to work or even get another car if they repossess this one."

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