Car collectors may have to turn to used models for favorites

A recent survey of car collectors by Hagerty Insurance found that they would be sad to see 10 current models go if struggling automakers decide to discontinue certain models and makes.

But, those looking to pick up American classics like the Chevrolet Camaro and the Saturn Sky may have to turn to the used car listings to sate their thirst for the gasoline-powered greats based on industry reports.

GM is reportedly closing up shop on Saturn and Pontiac production, including the Sky roadster and its Solstice counterpart that provided American buyers the chance to buy a 170-hp convertible at a lower price point than many of its competitors.

Edmunds said the 2006 model year cars had “nimble handling” and offered lots of legrooms in a stylish package.

“As car enthusiasts, many of us would hate to see these cars become extinct,” said Hagerty Insurance CEO McKeel Hagerty. “We appreciate the place in American society that a great car can occupy and the value of that car to future motorists down the road. It would be sad to see them go.”

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