Cadillac Introduces Improved Safety Features

Safety technology is one of the fastest-changing segments of the automotive industry, and Cadillac is the latest brand to introduce new technology to its vehicles. The American luxury brand recently announced the addition of numerous sensors and cameras to improve visibility and safety in its 2013 lineup.

"New technology in the XTS and ATS is intended to extend the vision around the car to help drivers identify obstacles," said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac Marketing. "When necessary, the vehicle may take action to help them avoid a collision. Cadillac expands its lineup dramatically in 2013, and these technologies are an important component."

Safety seat alerts use subtlety in the form of vibrating seats to alert drivers when potential crash situations may be ahead or behind them. This technology is a variation of collision alert systems found in many other vehicles. Some drivers may not like the idea of a flashing light or a beeping alarm that could frighten them when they're behind the wheel.

Cameras, radars and other sensors will also be installed in new ATS and XTS models to assist with collision, lane departure and blind spot warnings. The new vehicles will also have automatic braking, adaptive cruise control and forward lighting to improve visibility at night.

While the new technology may not be available on older vehicles, drivers can take steps to improve the safety of their current vehicles . Regular maintenance can catch mechanical problems early so drivers don't find themselves stranded on the side of the road. The knowledgeable staff at New Jersey State Auto Auction's Total Car Care Center in Jersey City will be able to perform routine tuneups and repairs to keep vehicles running smoothly and safely.