Why Buy a Used Luxury Car over a New Compact?

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If you are in the market for a new car, one of the first questions you likely asked yourself was whether to go with something new or used. Many consumers overlook the fact that many used luxury vehicles can be purchased for the same price or less than a brand new compact car. With this in mind, many consumers find themselves asking the question: new and basic or used and luxurious? We discuss the thought process below:

It is better to buy a used luxury car?

If you want a vehicle that looks great for a deceivingly low price, a used luxury car is a great route to take. A luxury vehicle is likely to have many of the comfort and convenience features that likely are not available on a newer, albeit lesser priced vehicle. While a new compact car may offer more updated technological features, depending on what your priorities in a vehicle are, a used luxury vehicle with premium amenities may be a more compelling proposition to take.

While a used luxury car might make a little bigger hole in your pocket, there is a distinct financial advantage as well – less depreciation. While compact cars are going to depreciate quickly due to a lower price at new as well as far more commonality in the market place, a luxury car will suffer a reduced depreciation rate and will hold its value over a more extended period of time.

While either option has a variety of reasons to make it your next vehicle, a used luxury car is often a route that many consumers do not fully consider.

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