Brabus tricks out “iBusiness” Mercedes

Custom parts maker Brabus, best known for its suspension systems, brakes and bodywork, has unveiled its latest creation, a custom Mercedes S600 decked out with Apple gear.

The “iBusiness” Mercedes features a slew of Apple products that have turned the backseat into a fully-functional office environment. Two iPads connected to Bluetooth keyboards are suspended from the driver’s and passenger’s seats, along with a drop down screen on the roof connected to a Mac Mini computer. Brabus has also wired the entire car to have Internet connectivity anywhere, and polishes the whole package off with touches like a 64 GB iPod integrated in the front and wireless controls for the car’s existing functions, like GPS and radio.

And because it’s Brabus and not Geek Squad behind the modifications, they couldn’t resist doing a little work under the hood: this office will scream down highways, powered by a 6.3-liter V-12 beast of an engine that cranks out 750 horses.

The company has announced that owners of new and used Mercedes S-Class vehicles can contact the company to have their car receive a similar treatment – for a price, of course.