Bad Credit Has Major Impact On Car Insurance

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Buying a used car is about more than finding the vehicle with the right features. You've also got to locate the automobile that fits your budget. That goes beyond the sticker price, as drivers must also choose a car that has manageable monthly payments and insurance premiums. Unfortunately, that is a problem for many, as motorists with poor credit are forced to pay high costs for auto insurance. 

According to a report from, drivers with bad credit scores can pay as much as 91 percent more than people with high scores. Even those with average scores were found to pay about 24 percent more than those with good credit. 

Other facts that play into projected insurance premiums include your age, gender, driving record and any past insurance claims made, CNN reported. 

"About 40 percent of every consumer's bottom line score will be driven by whether or not you paid your credit obligations on time," Larmont Boyd, an analyst at the Fair Isaac Corporation, told the news source. "Responsible habits, such as paying your bills on time and minimizing debt, pay off in many ways, including paying less for car insurance." 

Some states have banned insurers from using credit scores to decide insurance rates, but that is far from being a national practice. Instead, many drivers are left to find the best options for themselves – but they can take advantage of services from car dealerships if they know where to look. 

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