Always Research Vehicles Prior to Buying to Avoid Lemons

If you are not thorough when you purchase a used car, you could end up with a lemon. Unlike reputable car dealerships in New Jersey like NJ State Auto Auction, some dealers may try to pull the wool over your eyes to make a quick buck. Before you purchase a car, it is always wise to check the vehicle history report to find out if there have been any major repairs. This could bring down the value of the car as well as increase the odds of encountering a major mechanical problem early in ownership.

Some dealers are up front about their inventory such as New Jersey State Auto Auction, which guarantees all its cars are CARFAX certified. A CARFAX report not only details the individual vehicle's history, but alerts drivers to any recalls that have been made on that particular make and model. CBS News reports this excludes BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Lexus, as these automakers refuse to work with CARFAX. For these brands, and as added assurance for others, you can have an independent mechanic inspect the vehicle you want before you buy it to look for signs of
previous repairs or major damage.

If you do encounter mechanical problems with used cars in NJ, you can bring them to the Total Car Care Center at NJ Auction. The certified mechanics at this Jersey City shop can help you sort out any necessary repairs as well as perform maintenance to keep your used vehicle on the road. The service is available to drivers whether they bought their cars at NJ Auto or from independent sellers.