A used Kia Rondo in New York could be one option for buyers looking for more space

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Looking for a used car in New York and other states that has room for more than six passengers but is smaller than most SUVs or minivans was a concern for one user who wrote to Cars.com for advice.

The main concern for some buyers is that while the two larger vehicle types offer more space than similar wagons or sedans, fuel economy can be reduced because of higher weight.

The editors at Cars.com were able to pinpoint three models that may fit the bill: the Mazda5, the E-class wagon from Mercedes-Benz and the Kia Rondo.

A used Kia Rondo in New York may be an affordable option for families looking for space for their children, as it is the least costly of the three options.

The wagon has offered seating for up to seven passengers as an option since 2007, with the ability for the second and third row of seats to fold down for cargo, as well as “an abundance of cupholders and storage bins that make the Rondo’s interior that much more useful,” according to Edmunds.com.

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