Don't take the same old boring road trip as last year. Try one of these routes!

6 road trip destinations to consider

There's nothing like packing the car with your closest friends and heading out on a road trip. It's an opportunity to travel somewhere new and create memories in the process. But in order to make the most of your travels, you'll want to plan an itinerary that takes you to the best stops along your route. MarketWatch explained that a great scenic pathway consists of breathtaking views of water, mountains and other natural features, so you'll want to plan accordingly.

Here are a few road trip destinations you should consider this summer:

1. Overseas Highway, Florida
Florida is a great summer vacation spot for so many reasons. Besides the gorgeous weather, there's an abundance of blue water you can enjoy for miles and miles. If you take Route 1 from Key Largo to Key West, you'll soon find yourself traveling through Islamorada on a bridge that's surrounded by a beautiful turquoise sea. CNN reported that the Overseas Highway is an entry to incredible secluded islands and historic shipwrecks – making it a great destination for sight-seeing tourists.

2. Pacific Coast Highway
If you'd rather head out West for your road trip, consider the scenic route of the Pacific Coast Highway. From Santa Barbara, California to the Canadian border, the whirlwind of twists and turns along the cliffs will make for an unforgettable experience itself. National Geographic stated that this designated "All-American Road" is among the nation's most scenic routes that you simply can't pass up. Besides the many mountains plunging into the Pacific, you'll pass through villages, meadows and canyons, so you can enjoy plenty of Mother Nature's beautiful offerings. 

3. Route 66
For those who don't know what Route 66 is, you deserve a road trip, because you've obviously been living under a rock. This famous 2,451-mile stretch is one of America's most historic highways, which runs from Chicago, Illinois and ends in Santa Monica, California. A road trip on Route 66 poses so many sight-seeing opportunities as well as pit stop destinations along the drive. The Guardian points out Cadillac Ranch in Texas, just west of Amarillo, which displays incredible artwork made out of graffiti-coated Cadillacs. And you can't forget about the Grand Canyon, which is known for its overwhelming natural scenery that makes it one of the most distinguishable landmarks of the West.

This famous route is one of America's most historic.This famous route is one of America's most historic.

4. Mount Washington Auto Road, New Hampshire
If you're looking for a rustic, woodsy route to travel, consider climbing Mount Washington's Auto Road in New Hampshire. Usually, getting to the top of peak requires a back-packing adventure on foot. However, this trip allows you to sit back in the comfort of your car, making quite the unique experience. The constantly changing weather is always altering the famous mountain, which amounts to the rare sights you'll see each time you travel uphill. Mount Washington Auto Road's official site offers its famous "This Car Climbed Mount Washington" bumper sticker, so you can show off your accomplishment well after your adventure.

5. Acadia All American Road, Maine
For winding roads that take you through Maine's North-central coast, consider driving along the Acadia All American Road for your trip. En route, you'll see granite peaks, fishing villages and forests along the coastline, which could potentially inspire you to pull over and hit the trails for a hike. But that's not all you can enjoy – the Travel Channel insists stopping at Galyn's in Bar Harbor for a serving of fresh and local seafood. Besides, what's a trip to Maine without treating yourself to some lobster?

6. Tail of the Dragon – Tennessee/North Carolina
While road trip courses are often chosen for the scenery, this route isn't quite the same. MarketWatch reported that the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap is most famous for its difficulty and excitement. The journey itself is only 11 miles, but it's not boring whatsoever. Most people travel here for the sharp curves and thrills – so if you choose this destination, just be sure you're driving cautiously the entire time – this definitely isn't a laid back, typical road trip by any means.

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