5 Travel Tips For This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, you may be one of the more than 41 million Americans who are planning to road trip to visit their loved ones. If that's the case, then you probably have a lot on your mind, especially if you're trying to balance contributing to the holiday feast with driving hundreds of miles in a short time span. Here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe on the roads. 

1. Have a safe car
It all starts with the vehicle. Make sure your car can handle a road trip by taking it in for a tune-up at New Jersey State Auto Auction's Total Car Care Center. The experts at this garage can address any issue you may have, providing you with the peace of mind needed to hit the road during this hectic holiday weekend. 

2. Avoid the busiest travel days
According to Google Maps, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest day for traffic. In a perfect world, you could alter your travel plans to avoid this day, but that's simply not feasible for many families. If possible, try to stay off the roads between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., which Google predicted to be the worst part of the day. During the weekend, Sunday looks to be less crazed than Saturday, and traveling that day could provide some welcome relief.  

3. Take advantage of low gas prices
With the cost of fuel plummeting around the country, there's no excuse to have the gauge hit empty while you're driving. Make sure you fill up before pulling onto the highway, particularly if you're traveling during a popular timeframe. There's no telling how long you'll be stuck in traffic for – especially with last-minute delays like accidents and weather factors that can potentially impact your trip. 

4. Always have a backup plan
You could be driving the same route you've taken hundreds of times before, but one tiny factor could throw all of your plans out of whack. Make sure you prepare for the worst before pulling out of your driveway. Have maps or a navigational device ready in case you have to change course suddenly. It also helps to have some cash on hand, as there could be surprise tolls or other expenses on these alternate routes. 

5. Be flexible
No matter what, you should expect some kind of delays on the road. With so many uncontrollable factors coming into play, even the most thorough plans could be thrown off track. Just take a deep breath and go with the flow.