Improve Mileage When Driving This Holiday Season

For many, the holiday season means taking long road trips and embarking on adventures to visit family and friends. While these experiences can certainly be memorable, they can also be costly. Long trips typically require frequent stops to fill up the gas tank, which puts a strain on your wallet, so many drivers look for ways to improve their car's mileage as a result. 

To help drivers pinpoint the best strategies for getting more bang for their buck, Shell reached out to Wayne Gerdes, a man who holds multiple World Records for the most fuel-efficient driving. Gerdes has a wealth of experience analyzing weather patterns and road conditions to get the most out of a vehicle, but he had tips that all motorists can use. 

"Smart driving is especially important during the holidays when we are on the road so much," Gerdes said. "… There are still easy steps you can take to improve mileage. It is a matter of planning ahead and being aware of what might negatively affect your fuel economy." 

Gerdes recommends using cruise control throughout the trip. Keeping a constant speed improves mileage, as can driving smoothly. Speeding, as well as fast acceleration or braking, can burn up gasoline at a considerable pace. Another factor that ties into this idea is maintaining a safe distance from other drivers. This allows you the room you need to brake and accelerate evenly, which can increase your efficiency. 

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What To Know About Car Loan Credit Reports

Car loans are becoming an increasingly popular way to fit a used vehicle into a budget, but completing the procedure is still difficult for many drivers. Those who have never applied for an auto loan or are unfamiliar with the process of receiving one should know a few things about credit loan reports before they begin shopping around for a pre-owned vehicle. 

Be Prepared to Apply
When you head into a dealer to shop around for a used car, you should be ready to fill out a credit application. Just as you will want to learn about prospective vehicles or the type of financing you could receive, the dealer wants to know more about you, so there's a good chance they will encourage you to complete a credit application. You shouldn't fill out an application if you are hesitant or have any reservations, but keep an open mind as you approach the process. 

Know What to Expect
Regardless of whether or not you are going to complete a credit application, you should know what to expect on your credit report. Your credit report will show your financial history, including how you have paid off past debts and the current loans you have to make payments on. The dealer will need this information to give you an accurate look at your financing options, but if you get a credit history beforehand, you won't be surprised by the results and you'll have a better grasp on the situation. 

If you have questions about the car-buying process, reach out to the Financing Department at NJ State Auto Auction. The experts on hand are able to figure out what payments you can work with and the type of loan you should be searching for, as well as provide guidance for getting pre-approved for loans. 

Many Drivers Still Use Written Directions

Millions of drivers are ready to hit the road for the holiday season, and many of them will be doing so without the aid of technological devices. Although it sometimes appears like every driver is looking up information on a smartphone, it turns out a significant number are still using traditional written directions to get around – shirking the latest technologies in the process. 

Mintel, a supplier of consumer intelligence, recently conducted a survey to see how drivers access directions when traveling to a new location. The poll found that 31 percent of motorists still use printed or written directions, while about 25 percent of drivers use their phones to navigate. 

Those surprising results may be partially attributed to the fact that many drivers do not want to engage in distracted driving. They are hesitant to spend time searching for information on a mobile device when they should be focusing on the road. However, this could be avoided by investing in a vehicle with advanced technology and smartphone integration, which make it easy to get directions and other information without losing sight of the road. 

"Gone are tactile controls and, in their stead, many automakers are now offering touchscreens with interactive controls that allow for much of the same functionality that one would find on a smartphone or tablet computer," said Colin Bird, an automotive analyst at Mintel. "These advances come at the right time, as drivers are looking for ways to reduce the distracting nature of the mobile phone while still having the convenience of their mobile devices on hand." 

Drivers who are ready to find a vehicle with more advanced technology should check out the selection at New Jersey State Auto Auction. That lot is home to hundreds of CARFAX-certified cars, trucks and vans, many of which have state-of-the-art features that can make driving easier and more fun. 

Car Loans Vary By Geographic Location

The latest news about auto loans has largely been positive for prospective drivers. Relaxed restrictions are allowing more subprime buyers to take advantage of financing tools, especially loans, as they strive to purchase a used car. In fact, the recent trends throughout the industry are lengthening loan terms and lowering monthly payments, which is helping many individuals meet deadlines and stay on top of their budget. 

With the availability of auto loans and decreasing monthly payments, more people are getting access to pre-owned vehicles. However, these individuals still have to pay off debts, and in many instances the extended loan period means they have to pay a considerable amount of interest. 

USA Today recently reported on the 10 cities in the U.S. where people owe the most money on their auto loans. The top city was Shreveport, La., where residents had an average of $18,603 left to be paid on their cars. New Orleans was No. 2, while Lafayette, La., was sixth – and those were just three of the six Southern areas on the list. Houston, Little Rock, Ark., and San Antonio rounded out the top five. 

Also ranked on the list, which was compiled using data from, was New York City. The Big Apple was seventh, as its residents owed an average of $16,566 on their auto loans. 

Future car buyers who need the help of auto loans to make a purchase shouldn't let the prospect of debt deter them from shopping around for a used car. At New Jersey State Auto Auction, you can browse through a selection of hundreds of CARFAX-certified vehicles while also receiving help from the financing department. They can assist you in applying for the car loans you may need. 

Best-Selling Vehicles Vary Across The Country

When drivers set out to shop for a car, they are usually drawn to options that fit their needs. That could include anything from shuttling around a family to completing heavy-duty construction, but no matter what, the vehicles typically have to come with features that allow owners to handle their responsibilities. For that reason, the most popular automobiles differ in all regions of the U.S., and some new research looked into which vehicles stand out from the rest. 

Business Insider asked Kelley Blue Book to collect data regarding the top-selling vehicles in each state. The results showed that people across the country have different tastes, and although many of the differences can be attributed to geography and lifestyle, there are some noticeable trends that come to the forefront. 

Although the Ford F-Series was the most popular option across much of the country, including in Pennsylvania and Delaware, things were a bit different in the Northeast. In New York and New Jersey, for example, the Honda Accord was the top-selling option. With hybrid editions, excellent fuel economy and an array of special features, the Accord is one of the most attractive sedans in the U.S.

Other states in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic had the Honda CR-V, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry as the top-selling vehicles. 

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Check A Car’s Heating System Before Winter Arrives

Preparing for winter involves much more than digging out heavy jackets. You also need to get your car ready for the colder months, and this typically goes beyond strapping on snow tires or investing in an ice scraper. One of the most important things drivers need to do in anticipation of the season is check their HVAC system, which controls the heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 

Although air conditioning may be low on your list of priorities as the temperature starts to fall, ensuring that the heating and ventilation systems are working at a high level is extremely important. For one, these tools are essential for maintaining your comfort as you drive. Being too hot or too cold while behind the wheel can be overly distracting and may cause you to lose focus on the road – something that could lead to dangerous situations. An HVAC system that isn't working properly may also be a sign of other internal issues or electric problems. 

To avoid encountering trouble with your HVAC system, get it checked by a professional. You should also be paying attention to related maintenance issues, such as checking the engine, replacing filters and other tasks. 

"The last thing any driver needs is a vehicle that breaks down in cold, harsh winter weather," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. "A vehicle check before the temperatures drop is a sensible way to avoid the inconvenience of being stranded out in the cold with the unexpected expense of emergency repairs." 

When there's an issue with your vehicle that needs to be addressed, take it into the Total Car Care Center at NJ Auto Auction. The garage caters to the public and can handle a variety of maintenance problems commonly associated with used cars. 

How To Stay Safe During Thanksgiving Road Trips

With many people expected to take to the roads during the week of Thanksgiving, staying safe behind the wheel becomes even more important. A large number of travelers road tripping to their destinations, coupled with potentially cold weather, could lead to collisions or dangerous breakdowns that leave motorists in hazardous situations. Luckily, there are a few ways drivers can prepare for the holiday rush, specifically with regard to their cars. 

The first thing drivers should do is take care of basic vehicle maintenance. Checking tire pressure and tread, charging the battery and refilling wiper fluid or even replacing the wipers are all good ideas. Not only can well-maintained wipers make it easier to drive, but they can also ensure you can stay safe and avoid collisions on the roads. Having clear visibility, efficient brakes and other high-quality parts of a car can cut down on the dangers of accidents and improve your odds of reaching your destination without a problem. 

"Learning how to handle common maintenance issues is beneficial to anyone who gets behind the wheel," said John Nielsen, managing director of AAA Automotive Engineering and Repair. "Proper maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle and help prevent costly repairs." 

Additionally, drivers should also ensure that any outstanding repairs are cared for. Issues that have been put off could have worsened over time, putting everyone on the road in danger. Let a professional check over these problems and fix anything that may be harmful to the operation of a vehicle. 

Anyone who is concerned about their vehicle during the holiday season should make their way to New Jersey Auto Auction. There they will find the Total Car Care Center, a garage catering to the public that is capable of addressing any issues you may have. 

More People Set To Drive This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while many Americans are likely excited for family gatherings and delicious feasts, they should be ready to encounter some congestion on the roads. The latest study from INRIX, the traffic tracking firm, found that driving this Thanksgiving is expected to rise compared to last year. 

USA Today reported that road travel for the November holiday will increase by 3 percent compared to 2012. Most of this traffic will be on the Wednesday before, which is largely known as the "getaway day" for travelers. Lower gas prices have encouraged many to get behind the wheel, especially because many experts predict the entire Thanksgiving week will see the lowest fuel costs since before 2010. 

AAA found that the average cost of gas in the U.S. was $3.20 per gallon, and in many areas it has fallen below $3. 

"What we've been seeing this spring and summer is congestion levels up about 6 percent on average, month over month," said Jim Bak, director of community relations for INRIX, as quoted by USA Today. "Over the last couple of months, we saw things tail off a little bit. So we expect holiday congestion to be up about 3 percent over last year. If gas prices weren't as low as they are, things probably would have been flat compared to last year. With the low gas prices, people have more incentive to travel." 

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Hyundai Earns Distinction As A Best-Value Brand

Drivers shopping around for a used car are typically on the lookout for value. Finding options with great features at a manageable price is of the utmost importance for motorists, especially those who are on a budget. That is why some organizations go above and beyond to look at qualities like price and ownership experience to determine which automobiles offer the best value to drivers. 

Strategic Vision did just that, and it recently released the winners of its Total Value Awards. These accolades were created to honor those vehicles that provide drivers with the most bang for their buck, and for the first time in the 18 years of the study, Hyundai came out on top. The brand was acknowledged as one of the best for its combination of reliability, durability, fuel economy and pricing.  

A few specific models stood out for the Asian brand. Specifically, the Hyundai Equus took the lead among luxury cars, while the Sonata, Genesis Coupe and Elantra also claimed the 'Most Valuable' title for each of their respective segments. Although other brands like Chevrolet and Ford also landed on the list with certain vehicles, none of those automakers had the same impact as Hyundai. 

"Hyundai continues to offer customers the highest-quality products, packed with premium technologies and best-in-class safety features," said Mike O'Brien, a vice president at Hyundai Motor America. "Awards like this from Strategic Vision reflect our hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction and value." 

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Tips For Buying Used Trucks

Pickup trucks are among the most popular vehicles in the U.S., both for new and used car purchases. However, it can be difficult to know what to expect when shopping around for a used truck, especially if you have never owned one before. Here are a few tips for navigating this difficult stretch and land the pickup on your dreams. 

One important factor to keep in mind is that pickup trucks vary just as much as smaller, compact cars. Researching your multiple options ahead of time is essential, as it will provide you with a frame of reference while you shop around. Part of the beauty of pickup trucks is that they can be used for a wide variety of purposes, so if you want machines that will allow you to go off-roading or complete some heavy-duty work, you'll likely be looking at different vehicles than normal, everyday drivers. 

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the pickup may have had a specific use in the past, so a thorough examination is required to ensure everything is in working order. Examine the underside of the vehicle and survey the equipment there. After all, any machine that has been used in rough conditions or terrain may have wear and tear you should be aware of. 

As you are checking these areas, be sure to take a look at the body paneling. All of the seams and hinges should be smooth, and you need to keep an eye out for rusted sections or dents that could impact the function of the truck. 

Drivers who are looking to invest in a used truck should consider heading to NJ State Auto Auction to check out the selection. The lot has hundreds of CARFAX-certified vehicles, many of which are pickup trucks that could be an excellent choice for your next investment.