2005 Dodge Durango combines power, utility and comfort

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Consumers in the market for a tough, powerful, truck-like sports utility vehicle may want to check out the 2005 Dodge Durango, one of the more rugged SUVs on the road today.

Although three different engines are available for the ’05 Durango, the 5.7-liter hemi V-8 is the most powerful and popular option. The hemi produces 335-horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque.

Even with its tall, massive frame, the Durango handles curves exceptionally well. It possesses off-road capability, has expansive cargo space and an impressive towing capacity of 8,700 pounds.

The 2005 Dodge Durango is not your traditional 21st century SUV.

“There’s nothing cutesy about its shape or its bulk,” says About.com. “This is a full size working truck. For someone who has a genuine need for a large, powerful truck, the Durango is an excellent choice.”

The obvious downside to the Durango is that it gets below average gas mileage. However, it has an optional rear seat DVD-entertainment system, satellite radio, a sunroof and an above average sound system.

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