Katy Perry’s ride looks like a used Audi A5 in New Jersey and she likes it

Well, we don’t actually know whether or not singer Katy Perry is truly in love with her car, but the celeb was spotted in the Audi coupe, and the popularity that the relatively new vehicle has gained in Hollywood may be a reason to check out used Audi A5’s in New Jersey.

The singer was spotted in a new version of the car, and while the sticker price above $50,000 may seem like a lot to some buyers, the coupe fit the bill for both her and BJ Novak, star of The Office on NBC. Both have been seen driving jet black versions of the german car, which was first introduced in 2008.

Unlike competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which offer smaller coupes with rear-wheel drive standard, the entire Audi A5 line has had all-wheel drive standard since its launch, according to a Cars.com review.

Washington Post writer Warren Brown spoke of “putting the wonderfully agile, seductively powerful all-wheel-drive A5 3.2 Quattro coupe through its paces.

“If there is such a thing as the perfect driver’s car, I thought, this is it – so light, tight, responsive,” he added. Those looking for a similar experience could look for used Audi A5s in New Jersey coming off short-term leases.