Celebrity Car News – Drunk Driving, Car Crashes

If you’re itching for some hot celebrity gossip, let’s dive into some celebrity news pieces that definitely deserve your attention.

Alan Carr’s Husband Was Found Driving Four Times Over the Legal Limit

Alan Carr

Photo via Flickr by damo1977 | Licensed by CC BY 2.0

If you’re a fan of British comedy, chances are that you’ve heard of Alan Carr. While this piece of news isn’t about Carr himself, it was certainly far too hilarious to pass up. According to The Sun, Carr’s husband Paul Drayton was stopped by police because he was visibly swerving from side to side while on the road at 3 in the afternoon (it’s got to be 5 o’clock somewhere, right?).

Of course, once the police managed to track him down and stop him, he did what anyone who’s drunk would do; he slammed right into the police vehicle with his car. Sources say that he was well over four times the legal limit once he was tested, and he will likely face prison as a result of his crimes. Yikes!

Lindsay Lohan Isn’t the Only Problematic Celebrity in Her Family

Dina Lohan

Photo via Flickr by Nick Step | Licnsed by CC BY 2.0

When we bring up the name Lohan, chances are that you’re already picturing another mugshot of Lindsay Lohan as she fills the presses with tales of her escapades while high or drunk. However, this piece of news doesn’t concern Lindsay. Instead, it’s her mom that’s in trouble this time. While Dina Lohan only has a modicum of the fame that Lindsay has, having been on Living Lohan and Celebrity Big Brother, we’re still getting major “like mother, like daughter” vibes from this.

According to Page Six, Dina Lohan was involved in an accident in Merrick, New York where she left an Outback Steakhouse drunk and crashed into another vehicle while she was trying to exit the parking lot of the dining establishment. After the incident occurred, she fled the scene to get away from the damage she had done to the other car. As if this weren’t bad enough, the driver followed Lohan back to her home where she found five police offers waiting for her.

Even though she refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test, that didn’t mean she was hiding her drunkenness well. According to reports, Lohan had booze on her breath, visibly bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and fell on her face. Of course, this isn’t the first time this has happened as Lohan was arrested back in 2013 for driving 77 miles per hour at twice the legal limit. She originally pleaded not guilty to these newest charges but has since changed her plea to guilty.

Apparently, this runs in the family!

Johnny Damon Was Pulled Over for Exceeding the Legal BAC Limit in His State

For those who aren’t familiar with his name, Johnny Damon is a former MLB player hailing from the Boston Red Sox, whose claim to fame is arguably his status helping them reach some major milestones as a team. Some may have seen him on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With the Stars as well. That being said, it clearly wasn’t the end of his appearances as he ended up on some embarrassing body cam footage in February of this year.

The Washington Post reports that Johnny Damon was pulled over on suspicion of DUI after he ran a stop sign. The charges now include driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting an officer without violence. But how did we get to this point? This is where the story becomes hilarious.

Damon and his wife were stopped at a security kiosk outside of a gated community where they live. The officer asked him if he had anything to drink, and Damon responded that he only had a little bit. Of course, the evidence points out that this couldn’t be the case as Damon was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet. His wife was even more rowdy, trying to get out of the passenger side of the car and swearing at the officer not to touch her.

No matter how much fame or popularity someone has, there’s always the chance that they’re going to do something dangerous and reckless that could put their lives or the lives of others in danger, as evidenced above. Fortunately, in all of the stories listed here, we can laugh at their behavior and some of the actions that took place during their encounter with the officers as no one was harmed. While these celebrities managed to get away with only some jail time, many are involved in more serious accidents.

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