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Avoid Flood Cars at our Used Car Dealer in New Jersey

Flooded carIn New Jersey, we’re no strangers to the travails of hurricanes. At the five-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, we’re keeping our neighbors in Houston and Puerto Rico in mind as they grapple with the devastation of recent hurricanes. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to stay vigilant right here at home. At our used car dealer in New Jersey, shoppers looking for used cars have to keep an eye out for models that were damaged in recent flooding. Let us tell you what to look for!

Get a More-Than-Once Over

When you’re looking at a used car, truck, van, or SUV, there are some more immediate telltale signs that should send up red flags. A musty smell, rust spots, and a lot of water stains on the upholstery are a few of the cosmetic clues. Put the windows up and run the air conditioner. If the air coming out smells mildewy, ditch it.

Keep in mind that modern cars have a lot of electronic parts and computerized components. It’s more than just power windows at this point. It’s also rearview cameras, climate control, and  maintenance monitors. New Jersey used car shoppers would do well to avoid flood cars because those features can be heavily damaged and even disabled by the floodwater. That’s why, when you go for a test drive, test all the electronic features.

CarFAX Report in New Jersey

The Paper Trail

As difficult as it is to believe, it’s legal to sell flood-damaged vehicles, though its status as a “flood vehicle” has to be clear, by putting those words in the title. However, because that makes a vehicle more difficult to sell, take a look at the vehicle history report for a sign:  a series of title transfers in rapid succession in multiple states. That indicates an attempt to bury its status as it traveled from flooded states all the way here.

Visit New Jersey State Auto today, where we provide transparent vehicle histories of every hand-selected model in our inventory. We’ll find a high-quality vehicle for you to drive for years to come!

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Jersey Picks: the Best Used Cars for Tailgating

Used Ram 1500 for sale in NJWhen football season gloriously returns, it brings a lot of great activities with it. Fantasy football, season tickets, and, of course, tailgating! However, it’s possible to get so caught up in determining which snacks to make or who to invite that one factor may be overlooked: your vehicle’s capacity for tailgating. Our NJ used car dealer has a variety of trucks, vans and SUVs that will help you bring the party this season. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Ram 1500

This truck is, indisputably, an industry favorite. No-fuss capability is matched by superior longevity to make a great vehicle. These models are optionally equipped with the RamBox cargo management system, a drainable storage system built into the bed. It doesn’t require extra space, and provides a perfect vehicle for ice and beverages. It’s practically made for tailgaters. A larger bed for lugging coolers, a grill, a table, and chairs and a huge number of bed and cab configurations are all factors that make it possible to find exactly what you need.

Toyota 4Runner

A long body and a sizeable liftgate make this SUV a great tailgating vehicle, if only because it’s so good for a lot of other uses as well. Who can argue with three rows of seating that can transform into a huge amount of cargo space? Put the liftgate on your used Toyota 4Runner in NJ to work by using it for shade.

Used Honda Odyssey with vacuum in NJ

Honda Odyssey

A minivan may seem like an unlikely contender for a tailgating party, but the Honda Odyssey is a spacious choice with a number of safety and practicality accolades under its belt. This is a vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for convenience, so be prepared to drive a car full of sleeping fans home.
Ready to bring the party? Whether you’re bringing attendees, food, or both, we have a vehicle on our lot that can suit your tailgating needs- just visit New Jersey State Auto Auction to browse our selection. We can’t wait to help you!

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Best Back to School Used Cars for NJ Shoppers

Used Mazda CX-5 for sale in NJBack to school time is upon us. With 964 high schools and 62 colleges in New Jersey, there are plenty of teachers, students, and parents alike that may be looking for a fresh ride to get them through the year ahead. Our used car dealer in New Jersey has picked a list of cars that are well-suited to people who want to start the school year off on the right foot!

Return to School in Style

These choices are based on what provides ample safety as well as enjoyable handling and plenty of space to accommodate friends, family members, or band instruments or sports equipment. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Honda Accord: You can find a used Honda Accord as a coupe or a sedan on our New Jersey lot, and we love these models! They’re one of the most reliable vehicles on the road right now, heavy-handed on versatility and handling with plenty of safety features to offer peace of mind to even the most worrisome parent.
  • Mazda CX-5: Reliable and hardy, a used Mazda CX-5 is a great choice for shoppers looking for a crossover SUV with an edge. Mazda’s innovative engine setup injects serious fun into every commute, and with plenty of cargo room and the ability to face down the adverse weather faced by locals every winter, the CX-5 is a clear-cut choice. Extra points are added for Mazda’s unique and eye-catching style.
  • Subaru Outback: Spacious, comfortable, and rugged, a used Subaru Outback will still have the capacity to clock serious mileage. These wagons are indisputably capable, as any member of its cult-like following will tell you, so you’ll never have an excuse to miss class again, and it’s the perfect size for helping you move into a dorm.

Used Subaru Outback in NJ

Now that the school year has kicked off, you know exactly what you need to have a productive year ahead. If that includes a new-to-you vehicle, visit New Jersey State Auto Auction. We’re confident that there’s something for you among our inventory of hundreds of used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs!

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Ways to Stay Cool in Your Used Car Near NYC

Hot car interiorAs we enter the depths of summer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep cool on the go. Oppressive heat isn’t just uncomfortable- it can pose a danger to you and your passengers. At our used car dealer serving NYC, we want to make sure you stay cool and safe in your vehicle.

A Used Car Full of Hot Air

When many people hunt for a parking space, they’re looking for the closest one. In the summer, you should be looking for the most shaded spot, and then buy a sunshade for your windshield. High-quality sunshades will keep your car cooler, and they’ll also block UV rays, which can damage leather upholstery and fade the interior. When you return to your vehicle, open the doors for a few minutes to let some of the hot air escape.

Used car brands near NYC

Cool With Caution

It may be tempting to pop open all the vents and blast your air conditioning when you get into a hot car, but try to avoid the temptation. As you drive your used car around NYC, crack open your windows and close the top vents. Then, turn the fan setting as high as it will go, and let the bottom vents disperse the hot air from the bottom and out of the car.

As you drive, keep the cold air coming until your car reaches a livable temperature. Once you’re more comfortable, switch to the recirculation setting to keep the habitable air flowing through the vehicle. Your car will return to its preferred, far more friendly temperature in no time.

If you’re not sure your vehicle can handle the burden of your personal comfort, find a car that makes quick work of it. Visit New Jersey State Auto Auction to browse a selection of dependable vehicles with climate control systems you can depend on.

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Check Out These Jersey City Events This Summer!

Jersey City downtown events

Jersey City is well-reputed for its proximity to New York. However, when things heat up in the summer there are plenty of things to do right here at home. Let our Jersey City used car dealer walk you through some of the highlights coming up this season!

Summer Events in Jersey City

  • Groove on Grove: This weekly concert series is in its tenth year. For a decade, these Wednesday-night concerts have featured local acts from 6 PM to 9 PM. Be sure to catch a few this summer, as there will be something for everyone!
  • Artist & Maker Market: For those with more bohemian tastes, the Artist & Maker Market is sure to please. Working with artists and curators through the greater NYC area, you’ll find this event on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the summer. Find more information here. It’s the perfect place for people who appreciate vintage work, local art, and handmade goods.
  • Farmers Market: Summer is a season for a huge selection of fresh produce. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply want to get your greens, there’s no better way to support local farming from around the Garden State than the Jersey City Farmer’s Market, going on for 10 years now. Stop here at the Grove St. PATH Plaza on Mondays and Thursdays from 4-8 PM.

New Jersey State Auto Auction in Jersey City

This is a small sampling of what this vibrant city has to offer visitors and residents alike. When you come to shop for your next new-to-you car at our dealership, you’ll find our convenient hours ensure that you can sign all the paperwork and drive off in your favorite used car and then finish your summer evening with one of these activities.

You could also visit us on one of your forays into Jersey City, and we’ll be happy to assist you. We offer a number of amenities in our lounges and with a huge selection of hand-picked used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, you’ll be glad you stopped. We look forward to seeing you!

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Bring These Documents With You to Our Jersey City Used Car Dealer

There aren’t many things worse than going somewhere with confidence only to find that you’re unprepared. At our Jersey City used car dealer, we want the car-buying process to be as streamlined and stress-free as possible, and for that, preparedness is key. So what do you need to bring with you when you want to buy a car?

The Necessary Details

Before you hit the road to come see us, make sure you haven’t left these documents behind.

  • State ID: Whether you have a driver’s license or some other official form of identification, bring it with you when you come see us.
  • Proof of insurance: It’s the law to have auto insurance in New Jersey, so when you want to buy a car, bring along a valid auto insurance card. We actually can’t let you leave the lot without it—it’s how we’re able to print temporary plates for you, so make sure you show up insured! If you need to set up car insurance, we can help! Ask your sales associate for more details.
  • Proof of Income: Bring us a recent pay stub or a bank statement to show your current financial statement. This will help us verify regular income to ensure that you can meet the payments when you finance a used car in Jersey City.
  • Proof of Residence: An important piece of mail, such as a bank statement, lease agreement, or electricity bill, will show your current address, which is something we need to help you purchase the vehicle. It’s where we’ll send your monthly bill and where we can reach you, if need be.
  • Title: If you’re trading in your old car, truck, van, or SUV, no problem! Just bring the certificate of title, which will expedite the process. Otherwise, we’ll have to contact New Jersey Motor Vehicle Services to confirm all the details and proof of ownership.

This paperwork should be easy to get together, and it could save you hours at the dealership. Contact us at (201) 204-9845 to confirm what you need before you hit the road. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Spend Smartly This Tax Season at Our Jersey City Used Car Dealership

NJ tax refunds

April: the month of showers and tax returns. One will help your garden grow, the other will have the same effect on your wallet! If you’re looking for your next new-to-you vehicle, it’s a better time than ever to head to our used car dealership in Jersey City to take a look at our wonderfully-priced selection!

Check Full of Possibilities

April 18 is your deadline to file, but once you get your refund back, you’ll be unstoppable! So while you wait for that money to show up in your bank account, why don’t you take a look around at our inventory? We have a diverse sampling from your favorite brands, such as Chevy, Nissan, and Ford. For the appreciators of elegance on a budget, don’t worry: your tax return can go towards a down payment on a BMW, Acura, Audi, Lexus, or any number of luxury brands. In fact, if Jersey City shoppers take a look at our used car deals, they’ll find hundreds of cars from brands that fall all over the spectrum specially-priced under $15,000.

Low prices lead to lower down payments…which is great news for recipients of tax refunds of all sizes! That means that if you’ve had your eye on one of our cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs but weren’t sure if you could make the initial down payment, you may be able to put that fear behind you. Our finance experts make it so that once you’ve cleared the down payment hurdle, financing your vehicle at a reasonable monthly rate is not only possible, but standard procedure.

Find a used car in Jersey City

An Irresistible Opportunity

A pre-owned car is a smart investment for a number of reasons beyond the price tag. For example, even if you have bad credit, we will work with you to get you behind the wheel of a car you love from a range of brands on our lot. Can you say the same for your local new car dealership?

Visit us today to take a look at our inventory and pick out what you’ll be driving off in next. With your tax return only a short waiting period away, the possibilities are endless!

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Green Used Cars Welcome Springtime in NY

Used Honda Civic for sale near NY

Last week, the Garden State welcomed the first day of spring. Sure, it might still be almost-freezing, but warmer temperatures are right around the corner, and with it, fresh and lush landscapes! Our used car dealer near NY has some ideas for the best “green” cars to help you blend in with the scenery- or do your best not to impact it!

Top Picks for Smaller Cars

Thanks to the growing reliability and durability of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, it’s a better time than ever to pick up a used hybrid, as that technology is no longer quite as brand new, but still runs reliably. NY shoppers can also check out our selection of green used cars that net over 30 MPG, helping to minimize your carbon footprint on the road. You probably won’t be surprised to find that in today’s eco-conscious landscape, some of the country’s most popular models are hybrids!

For example, the Toyota Prius’s second generation spans the 2004-2009 model years and is a great find at a used car dealership. As America’s best-selling hybrid, you can always count on any generation of Prius to deliver a smooth ride, agile handling, and great gas mileage thanks to its precise engineering. It’s a head-turning vehicle exuding style! A popular alternative is the Honda Civic Hybrid, which sustains an excellent value due to its durable battery.

Used Ford Escape available near NY

Get the Purebred Might of a Hybrid SUV

Need a little more space for your stuff? Don’t worry, spacious SUVs aren’t the gas guzzlers they used to be. In fact, the fan favorite Ford Escape has come in a popular hybrid model since before fuel efficiency and carbon footprints were of utmost concern, and it needn’t be late model to achieve fantastic mileage. The 2004-2011 Ford Escape Hybrid nets up to 29 MPG on the highway, which is why they’ve been a top pick for taxi fleets as well.

There truly are hybrids for everyone, so if you’re interested in spending less money at the pump and keeping our planet green to celebrate spring, visit New Jersey State Auto Auction today!

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Come Visit Jersey City’s Award-Winning Used Car Dealer

2017 Consumer Satisfaction Awards from

In crowded north Jersey, it’s easy for any business to get lost in the mix. However, our Jersey City used car dealership has found that the best way to stay successful is to deliver on every promise and cater to customers with utmost dedication. That attitude is what got us a Consumer Satisfaction Award from!

Peerless Customer Care is the leading authority on quality dealerships and service centers, counting on customers to leave feedback about their dealership experience. It helps potential customers determine where to shop, and helps us identify strengths and weaknesses in our business. In order to receive this award, the contenders must be at the top based on their PowerScore. In a state as heavily populated as New Jersey, it’s an honor that we were able to receive this award for the third year in a row!

Our dedication to our customers is peerless, and we have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. We offer a huge selection of new-to-you vehicles along with a huge range of used car financing options for Jersey City shoppers. Whether you’d prefer to purchase your vehicle by auction or directly from our inventory, you know you have plenty of options when you shop with us. As is made clear on, no matter who handles your transactions, you will leave satisfied!

Jersey City used car repair

A Service Team that Delivers

In addition to our helpful and knowledgeable sales team, we also have a superb service team. Our trained technicians can take care of your car, whether you need a quick tune-up or a more in depth repair. We’ll treat you with the professionalism and honesty that you’re entitled to!

Come see why people are flocking to our dealership and giving us rave reviews. Visit NJ State Auto Auction today!

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Get the Most for Your Used Car Trade in Greater NYC Area

Greater NYC area Auto Repair

It’s totally normal to want something new after so many years of the same thing—and trading in your used car can be a hassle free way to take care of that! Luckily, you can count on our used car dealership serving the greater NYC area. Before you visit us, though, here’s some advice everyone should follow before they take this step to get the most out of their ride.

Iron Out the Kinks:

Cars are like people: they get quirkier as they age. At this point, there are probably some traits about your vehicle that you don’t even notice anymore, but may be a detractor for someone assessing the car’s value. Things like a ripped headliner, a window that doesn’t go down, or a particularly creaky door may be worth paying to fix, as you may wind up getting that money back when find out the trade-in value in the greater NYC area.

Then, there are tires. Tires can be costly to replace, so it may not seem worth it to do so right before you get rid of the car, but in some cases it’s not a bad idea. Extremely worn tires will certainly pull from the value of your car, so it’s probably best to replace them.

Car wash in greater NYC area

Do a Deep Clean:

When’s the last time you gave your car a thorough cleaning? If you’re not sure when, it’s been too long! Vacuum the interior, wash and wax the exterior, clean the wheels until they’re gleaming, and even apply tire shine. Or save yourself some time and bring it to our auto repair center, as we offer car spa services at a variety of price points.

Dings, Dents, and Beyond:

Minor cosmetic issues and curb rash (the marks left on your car when you accidentally scrape your wheel against the curb) are inexpensive to repair, and will considerably boost the aesthetic of your vehicle. However, don’t go too crazy: dents that require buffing or painting may not be worth the cost to fix. These are little things that are easy to do but, if left unattended, may knock down your vehicle’s value.

When you visit New Jersey State Auto Auction to look at your next new-to-you car, be sure to bring your current vehicle to trade. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting credit towards your next truck, car, van or SUV you fall in love with on our lot!

Used cars for sale in the Greater NYC Area