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KBB Predicts New Car Sales Will Remain Strong in August

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Car sales are a good indicator of the current economic climate, and a recent report by Kelley Blue Book (KBB) indicates that conditions are still looking positive. The industry experts at KBB predict that car sales will see a month-over-month improvement of 14.3 percent in August. The projected sales numbers are 18.7 percent ahead of the same month last year, but the report noted a slight decline in daily sales between July and August, due to a drop that typically occurs in the laters months of the year.

There is an especially noticeable surge in new car sales, and brands like Toyota and Honda are expected to have exceptionally strong numbers. This is due largely to the fact that the Japanese automakers are recovering from the earthquakes that stunted manufacturing and led to inventory shortages last year. The inventory shortages also caused used car prices to rise, which has driven consumers toward buying new cars, a trend that is still making an impact.

"Although economic jitters remain top-of-mind for many, those consumers seeking replacement vehicles continue to opt for new cars with used-car values," said Alec Gutierrez, senior market analyst of automotive insights for KBB. "In fact, a recent survey of shoppers conducted by Kelley Blue Book Market INtelligence found that 53 percent of respondents indicated they were considering a new vehicle rather than used due to elevated used-car values."

However, the decision to purchase a used car versus buying a new vehicle should be carefully thought out, as there are distinct advantages to buying a used model. Previously-owned models depreciate less quickly than new cars, so when it comes time to trade in your current model, you'll likely get a higher return on your investment if you bought a used vehicle. Plus, there are still great deals to be had when it comes to buying used cars. A one-year-old model may be comparably priced to a new car, but shoppers can find a model with a few years under its belt that is affordable and reliable at NJ Auto Auction.

Porsche 911 Carrera S Chosen as Best Driver’s Car of 2012 by Motor Trend

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Some cars are better than others in terms of fuel economy, others top the list when it comes to cargo space and comfort, and there are a few vehicles that are just plain fun to drive. The Porsche 911 Carrera S not only falls into the last category, but it tops the ranks, according to Motor Trend. The automotive news publication recently named the Carrera as the Best Driver's Car for 2012. To earn the title, the luxury sports car beat the competition in a series of tests, such as a 500-mile road trip, a closed-circuit driving course and a test drive by professional driver Randy Pobst at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

"Being named 'Motor Trend Best Driver's Car' is a testament to the work of the men and women in Weissach and Zuffenhausen who are so passionate about designing and building our sports cars," said Detlev von PLaten, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. "This accomplishment shows that the 911 still has the same magic it's had for nearly 50 years, as it continues to be both a great car to drive every day on the road and on the track."

Ever since its inception, the Porsche 911 has been turning heads and receiving accolades for excellence, so it comes as little surprise that the Carrera S was chosen as the winner of this competition. While many drivers may want to get behind the wheel of a sporty, dynamic vehicle like the 911, not everyone can afford this luxury model.

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Total Car Score Highlights Top 10 New Cars

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Fall is not too far off, which means dealers across the country are gearing up to start selling vehicles from the 2013 model year, and Total Car Score compiled a list of the Top 10 All-New Cars for 2013. The list includes all-new models, such as the Dodge Dart and the Subaru FR-S, as well as those that have been completely redesigned. Models that got a makeover worthy of the Top 10 list include the Ford Escape, Chevrolet Malibu and Ford Fusion. The Honda Accord, Dodge Ram 1500, Nissan Altima, Cadillac ATS and Hyundai Santa Fe completed the list.

"The average American consumer is driving an 11-year-old car. A huge slice of the public has held off on replacing their vehicles because of economic uncertainty. That means an unprecedented level of pent-up demand," said Karl Brauer, editor-in-chief of Total Car Score. "This will eventually lead to a flurry of sales as consumers replace their worn-out cars with new ones."

The Total Car Score list is a great jumping off point for drivers looking to purchase vehicles, as it highlights some of the best vehicles on the market. This can help point drivers in the right direction and give them a good perspective of what's available in their price range that suits their needs.

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AAA Predicts Rise in Labor Day Travel

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

AAA experts predict approximately 33 million Americans are going to travel at least 50 miles to celebrate Labor Day this year. Some will reach their destination by air, but 85 percent of all Labor Day travelers plan to drive to their getaway destinations. The number of Americans who plan to drive this holiday weekend (28.2 million) has climbed 3.1 percent over the amount who got behind the wheel for this holiday last year.

In tough economic times, people have to cut back their spending and prioritize budgets, and in most cases, vacations are among the first expenses to go. However, a recent study by AAA found Americans are not giving up their getaways so easily. The economic recovery since the recession first hit in 2008 has been slow at best, but many families are taking the growth as a hopeful sign for the future. They're starting to return to their pre-recession habits, and this includes travel.

"In the absence of strong economic growth that might fuel a significant boost in travel volume, it is an encouraging sign that Americans continue to prioritize travel," said Bill Sutherland, vice president of AAA Travel Services. "Travel is still within America's discretionary spending budget."

Drivers who are planning to take to the roads and head to the Jersey Shore or find less crowded vacation spots should be sure their cars are up to snuff before the trip. The experts at New Jersey State Auto's Total Car Care Center can perform a routine tuneup and address any necessary repairs to keep drivers safe on the roads this holiday weekend.

Negotiating Car Prices Is Easier When You Do Your Homework

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The car-buying process is a lengthy one, and while the end result is typically joyous, there are a few aspects of the deal that grate on the nerves of drivers. A recent survey found that negotiating price is the part most drivers look forward to the least. This can be a difficult task whether the driver is looking to purchase a new or used car, but there are some things one can do to make the negotiations run more smoothly and in their favor.

"Despite a positive lending climate and a surge in new car sales this year, the challenge of getting the best price and interest rate still preoccupy car buyers," said Jim Landy, CEO of "These factors shouldn't roadblock someone from getting the car they want, however. A little bit of homework can really help expand a customer's auto purchase and finance options, especially in this post-recession upswing."

Researching the vehicle you want to buy is crucial. When it comes to used cars, drivers can go online to find out the average sale price for similar makes and models. It is important to take the quality of the vehicle they want to buy into consideration. The market value of a used vehicle typically indicates the average selling cost of a used car in pristine condition, any minor damage, such as dents, paint chips or faulty interior amenities should, in theory, reduce the price.

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Drivers Should Be Extra Cautious as Kids Head Back to School

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

The first day of school is right around the corner, and while parents are packing backpacks and making lunches, drivers around the country need to start paying extra attention to pedestrians. Across the country, there are more than 55 million children heading back to class, and roughly 13 percent of these kids walk or ride bikes to school. It can be difficult to spot pedestrians while driving, especially when they are hidden behind parked cars and other obstructions in a driver's line of vision. This danger increases when a person is shorter, as is the case with most school children. For that reason, AAA is urging drivers to take extra precautions in the morning and afternoons when children will be making their way to and from school.

"More than 1,200 children lost their lives during these after-school hours between 2000 and 2010. And although we've seen a steady decrease in the number of tragedies each year, it's important to remember that one death is one too many," said Jennifer Huebner-Davidson, Traffic Safety Advocacy manager for AAA.

The agency recommends drivers resist the urge to put the pedal to the metal, as speed limits in school zones are reduced to protect kids. Plus, a car traveling 25 miles per hour is 66 percent less likely to kill an individual on impact than if it were going 35 miles per hour. AAA also recommends reducing distractions to ensure the driver's eyes are on the road. Even if their eyes leave the road for a second, this can be enough time for a child to step into the roadway.

Drivers should also make sure to check all their blind spots before backing up, keep an eye out for bicycles and always come to a full stop to check for kids nearing or in crosswalks. Adhering to these safety tips can help eliminate the risk of a child being hit by a car when schools open their doors for the year.

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Ford Invests In Future of Green Technology

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Nearly every major automaker has at least one or two alternative fuel or electric vehicles in their fleet, and Ford recently announced it would be ramping up funds and efforts to expand their line of green vehicles. The American automaker is investing $135 million toward the design, engineering and production of its next generation of hybrid and electric cars, with much of the emphasis being placed on battery design. In fact, the company's battery testing abilities will double by 2013.

"The good news for customers is that they not only have more choice, but they have faster access to Ford's latest and greatest in fuel-saving technologies and vehicles," said Joe Bakaj, Ford's vice president of powertrain engineering. "This stems directly from our decision to deliver true power of choice by expanding our dedicated electrified vehicle team and further investing in our facilities."

Ford is also allocating a massive 285,000-square-foot research facility to focus specifically on hybrid and electric technology development. There are also a number of engineers and developers being hired to help work toward a greener future for the automaker. Ford has a few alternative energy options in its lineup already, including the Focus Electric, Fusion Hybrid and C-MAX. The 2013 Fusion Hybrid will hit dealerships this fall, and Ford is also planning to release the 2013 Fusion Energi, a plug-in version of the hybrid model that will be available in early 2013.

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AAA Predicts Start-Stop Technology Will Grow More Common In Coming years

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Gas prices may never drop below $3 per gallon again, but manufacturers are working to develop fuel-saving technology to help drivers save at the pump. One such useful invention is start-stop technology. This allows engines to stop running when the car is idling, say, at a red light or in stop-and-go traffic. The moment the driver touches the gas pedal, the motor roars back to life. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that every hour spent idling uses about a quarter-gallon of gasoline. A minute or two here and there may not seem like much, but this can add up over time and waste fuel.

Start-stop technology sets out to eliminate this issue, and is already used in many different models. AAA reports that it's highly likely that this gas-saving technology will become even more common on the road in coming years. By 2017, research shows as many as 8 million cars on the road will be equipped with devices that reduce engine idling.

"Engine start-stop isn't a brand new technology, but the latest systems benefit from significant advances made in the last few years," said John Nielsen, AAA's director of automotive engineering and repair. "This technology is only going to gain momentum as vehicle manufacturers work to meet the more stringent Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards set for 2016."

The federal government requires all vehicle manufacturers to have a fleetwide fuel economy of 34.1 miles per gallon by 2016, according to Popular Mechanics. Utilizing technology is the main course of action most automakers are taking to ensure they adhere to the regulations, and many companies have been incorporating these advancements into their vehicles for many years.

This means that drivers who want to find fuel-efficient models are not restricted to solely new vehicles. There are plenty of used cars that offer great fuel economy as well as new fuel saving and other technological features. Car shoppers in the New York and New jersey area can head to NJ Auto Auction, which carries a variety of used makes and models at affordable prices.

Land Rover Releases Details of 2013 Range Rover

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Land Rover is one of the ultimate brands when it comes to luxury sport vehicles, and the new 2013 Range Rover is no different. The British car company recently released details of the new SUV, and it is lighter and larger than last year's version. Thanks to an aluminum unibody, the new Range Rover has shed nearly 700 pounds and has a unique, clean look that makes it appear much sleeker than the 2012 model.

"The new Range Rover preserves the essential, unique character of the vehicle – that special blend of luxury, performance and unmatched all-terrain capability," said John Edwards, Land Rover's global brand director. "However, its clean sheet design and revolutionary lightweight construction have enabled us to transform the experience for luxury vehicle customers, with a step change in comfort, refinement and handling."

Land Rover has found a way to add 4.7 inches of legroom for rear seat passengers, and interested buyers can choose an optional two-seat setup for the back to give passengers additional space for even more comfort. The automaker didn't just focus on luxury inside the car, they also put a great deal of emphasis on power. The car will come standard with a V8 engine, and the suspension system was designed specially for those who plan to take the Range Rover off the road.

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Test Driving a Car is Crucial But Many Forego This Step

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

There are many different aspects of buying a car, from applying for auto loans to selecting the right vehicle. It is important for drivers to consider and research all their options before finalizing the sale, and this includes the test drive. Driving a car allows the prospective buyer to get a feel for the car and determine if they will be comfortable and happy behind the wheel for the next few years – or longer.

However, the Detroit Free Press reports that more than 10 percent of car shoppers don't test drive before they buy, according to the results of a new study. The main reason so many motorists skip this crucial step is because they have access to the internet. They can go online and read reviews by other drivers to find out things they could easily experience themselves by getting behind the wheel. While this information is invaluable in the search for the right car, there's no way for a driver to be sure they'll truly enjoy the vehicle unless they drive it themselves.

Relying on the opinions of others to choose a car is a lot like choosing not to try a food because a friend claimed to not like it. Just because one person doesn't enjoy a vehicle, doesn't mean the prospective buyer is going to feel the same way, which is much of the reason why there are so many different makes and models on the road today. If a person buys a car based on the reviews they read online and wind up hating the way it handles around corners or finds the seat to be uncomfortable, they're going to be less than pleased.

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New IIHS Crash Test Safety Rating Aims to Improve Vehicle Safety

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) put every new vehicle through rigorous safety tests before they are released for sale to the public, and the IIHS is adding a new test to the roster. In addition to rear, side rollover and moderate overlap frontal crash testing, the agency has also started looking at the effects of small overlap frontal crashes on occupant safety.

Most vehicles have safety cages built into their chassis to reduce the impact of major crashes on the passenger cab, and this protected zone only typically accounts for the middle half of the front end. Small overlap crashes are those that mainly affect the outer edges of the vehicle. Since the outer areas aren't as protected as other areas of the car's body, the crash forces tend to directly impact the infrastructure of the vehicle and can damage the suspension system, the wheels and the occupants of the car.

"These are severe crashes, and our new test reflects that," said Adrian Lund, president of the IIHS. "Most automakers design their vehicles to ace our moderate frontal overlap test and NHTSA's full-width frontal test, but the problem of small overlap crashes hasn't been addressed. We hope our new rating program will change that."

The IIHS began testing on luxury and near-luxury models from the 2012 model year, as these types of cars are typically ahead of the pack in terms of new safety innovations. Of the 11 models tested so far, only two had good safety ratings (the Acura TL and Volvo S60), and one was deemed acceptable (the Infiniti G).

Drivers in the market for a safe, reliable ride can refer to the IIHS and the NHTSA to get an idea of the safety ratings of vehicles they're considering. Then, they can head over to New Jersey State Auto to test drive the models they like. Every car on the lot is CARFAX certified, so car shoppers know they'll be getting a reliable ride.

Closing Ceremony at 2012 London Olympics Features British Musicians and Lots of Cars

Monday, August 13th, 2012

For many, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics are the best part of the international event, and London's closing extravaganza did not disappoint. In fact, British-made cars played an integral role in the show. While some may argue that performances by U.K. rockers, The Who, and pop sensations George Michael, the Spice Girls and One Direction were the important parts of the ceremony, car enthusiasts may have been more captivated by the parade of automobiles that were peppered throughout the event.

The Spice Girls, a world-renowned all-girl pop group that was huge in the 1990s, reunited for the ceremony, and each singer rode in on top of a specially designed LTI London taxi, according to AutoBlog. The cars had platforms built right on top with electronically raised guard rails. Plus, each vehicle was covered in LED panels that displayed a colorful light show to add to the excitement of the performance.

The Girls' reunion was not the only performance that centered around four wheels. Jessie J, Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz entertained the audience from the backseats of two Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Drophead Coupes. Car Magazine reports that in place of the iconic double-R logo, the luxury vehicles had London 2012 emblems, which is the first time in the company's history that the Rolls-Royce badge has been replaced.

Not every car that took the stage was British-made however. The opening number of the closing ceremony involved a series of cars wrapped in newspaper. Car Magazine reports there was a Volkswagen Camper, an MG, an Alfa Romeo MiTo, an Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite and of course a few Minis.

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Average Fuel Economy of New Cars Increased in July

Monday, August 13th, 2012

There is a direct relationship between current gas prices and the fuel economy of cars being sold – when fuel is expensive, car shoppers look for fuel efficient options. Despite a general shift toward more fuel-efficient vehicles, drivers put less emphasis on this concern when gas prices drop. According to a recent report by, the average fuel economy of new cars sold in July 2012 was 23.1 miles per gallon (MPG). This is higher than the average fuel economy during the same period last year (21.6 MPG) and just higher than the average in May of this year (23.0 MPG).

"There is a very strong correlation, nearly 71 percent, between TrueMPG and average gas prices since January of 2010, indicating that prices at the pump influence consumer preferences," said Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence at "Manufacturers have been responding by offering a larger mix of smaller vehicles and improving efficiencies on their existing larger vehicles, as evidenced by the significant improvement in TrueMPG in the recent years."

The cost of fuel spiked in early summer and then began to fall slightly month-over-month, which could explain why fuel economy became less of a concern for some drivers. This average will likely fall in coming years, despite consumer behavior, as manufacturers work to meet federally issued fuel economy guidelines. By 2025, all car companies must have a fleetwide fuel economy average of 54.5 MPG. Until then, drivers don't have to buy new cars to take advantage of vehicles with good fuel economy. NJ Auto Auction carries a variety of makes and models, from subcompact cars to hybrid options. Plus, every car on the lot is CARFAX certified, so buyers know they'll be getting behind the wheel of a reliable ride.

Kelley Blue Book Provides Guide for Best Back-to-School Cars of 2012

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Many drivers place a great deal of emphasis on style and design when choosing a vehicle, especially younger motorists. New drivers and their parents may have a hard time finding a car that fits both of their requirements, but Kelley Blue Book recently compiled its list of the 10 Best Back-to-School Cars of 2012 to helps young drivers and their parents find reliable and affordable rides that are also fun and exciting. The vehicles on the list are all from the 2012 model year.

"From funky hatchbacks to stylish sedans, all of's 10 Best Back-to-School Cars of 2012 are affordable, safe and reliable, not to mention fun to drive and fuel efficient," said Jack Nerad, executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book's "Most importantly, these vehicles fulfill the often distinctively different set of new-car criteria of both parents and students, striking a healthy balance. Parents will be amazed at the sheer selection of amenity-laden student-friendly new cars available today for less than $16,000."

The 2012 Kia Soul was chosen for this list, as it's got a modern and eye-catching style that young drivers will love. It's also fuel-efficient so drivers will save at the pump and won't need to bug their parents for gas money as often. The Chevrolet Sonic, which came on the market last year to replace the Cruze, is small and fuel efficient, but still has plenty of room for passengers. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and has amenities such as touch-screen navigation, and hands-free technology so kids can check in with their parents without taking their hands or eyes off the wheel. Mazda's Mazda3, Hyundai
Accent and Nissan Versa also made the list.

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Driver Interest in Hybrid Vehicles Is Growing

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

When hybrid cars first emerged on the market, most drivers were hesitant to accept the alternative technology, but now more consumers are embracing the idea than ever before. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive found nearly one-third of car owners are interested in buying a hybrid model as their next ride.

The Harris Poll surveyed 2,634 American adults over the age of 18, nearly 2,000 of whom own or lease their own vehicles. Approximately 23 percent of respondents said their opinion of hybrid technology and their interest in it has improved since last year, but this response is not uniform across all generations. Those under 35 were more interested in hybrid vehicles (32 percent) than those over 67 (only 15 percent).

"This survey shows that automakers are starting to win over consumer confidence in hybrid vehicles, especially with younger drivers," said Mike Chadsey, vice president and automotive solutions consultant for Harris Interactive. "While this appears to be driven in large part by personal economic needs to reduce fuel expenses, automakers seem to be making a strong case for the performance and reliability of hybrid vehicles compared to traditional options."

The survey did find that more than half of drivers (59 percent) are still more inclined to stick with traditional engine types. The individuals who would consider hybrid cars claimed the option seemed viable due to fuel costs (55 percent).

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Self-Driving Cars Could Cause Safe Driving Revolution

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Cars that could drive themselves were once strictly reserved for science fiction, but now they actually exist, and work. Driverless cars are still in the testing phase, but they're being tested on the same roadways used by drivers in traditional cars. A report by KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax and advisory firm, and the Center for Automotive Research found the introduction of self-driving vehicles to the mainstream market could spawn an industry-wide revolution.

After speaking with technologists, automotive industry experts and regulators as well as examining research and data surrounding these autonomous vehicles, the study authors concluded that many drivers will likely embrace the new technology. Driverless cars hold the potential to make the roads safer by reducing traffic accidents and crash-related injuries and fatalities. They could also greatly reduce the amount of traffic jams, which will likely please all travelers, whether they're behind the wheel of an autonomous automobile or a regular car.

"For the past 100 years, the automotive industry has been a force for innovation and economic growth," said coauthor of the report Gary Silberg, national automotive industry leader for KPMG LLP. "Now the pace of innovation is speeding up and the industry is on the brink of a new technological revolution with 'self-driving' vehicles. If they become a mainstream reality, it would be profoundly disruptive to the automotive ecosystem and may have far-reaching implications for the traditional automotive value chain and beyond."

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Study Finds Most Children Do Not Follow Car Safety Guidelines

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Child safety is of the utmost concern for parents. Yet a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan found only a very small percentage of children are properly restrained in safety seats when riding in vehicles.

According to Guidelines for Child Passenger Safety issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2011, all children under 2 years of age should be placed in rear-facing seats. Past the age of 2, children should still use car seats until they exceed the maximum weight and height, and after that, kids should be placed in booster seats until the regular seat belt can be worn comfortably. Children should also be restricted to sitting in the back seat until they are at least 13 years old, according to the official guidelines.

However, the study found very few children are following these rules. Less than 2 percent are using booster seats past age 7, a number of children between 6 and 13 are allowed to sit in the front seat, and many youngsters between 1 and 2 do not sit in rear-facing safety seats.

"The most important finding from this study is that…overall few children are using the restraints recommended for their age group, and many children over five are sitting in the front seat," said study co-author Dr. Michelle L. Macy of the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan.

The proper safety restraint system is crucial for a child's safety on the road, and the car they are in plays a role as well. Parents in the market for cars can research the vehicles they're interested in to determine their safety ratings before making a choice. Once they have narrowed down their options, they can head over to NJ Auto Auction, which carries a wide variety of used makes and models. Plus, every vehicle on the lot is CARFAX certified, so drivers can leave the lot knowing they're behind the wheel of a reliable ride.

Toyota Announces Details and Pricing for New RAV4 EV

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Nearly every major automaker already has an electric or hybrid option in their lineups. In some cases, these vehicles are stand-alone models, but more automakers are offering electric versions of their standard vehicles, including Toyota. The Japanese automaker recently announced details and pricing for the new RAV4 EV.

The electric crossover SUV has an estimated driving range of about 100 miles and takes about six hours to fully charge. The engine battery was designed by Tesla Motors, a company at the forefront of EV technology. It only took 22 months for Toyota and Tesla to put the RAV4 EV together, and it premiered at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in May 2012. Now, the electric car is slated to reach dealers in California by the end of the summer.

"The RAV4 EV's driving performance, dynamics and cargo capacity are equal to or exceed the gas powered RAV4 V6," said Bill Fay, Toyota division group vice president and general manager. "Arriving fully equipped with an MSRP of $49,800, with available combined federal and state incentives of up to $10,000, the RAV4 is a practical, versatile option for the EV enthusiast."

With such a hefty price tag, not every driver will be able to consider purchasing the new RAV4 EV. However, drivers shopping with a stricter budget still have options. EVs and hybrid cars have been on the market for a few years, which means some of these vehicles have made their way onto used lots. Drivers can check out the options at NJ State Auto, as the dealer carries a wide variety of makes and models at affordable prices.