Worries at the Pump Seem to be Diminishing

While many consumers have been worried about the possibility of paying near-record prices at the pump this summer, it looks like that may not be the case. The price of gasoline futures traded in New York City has fallen significantly in recent weeks, and experts believe the downward trend in gas prices will continue, according to CNN Money.

The futures, which help set prices for gas, dropped from $3.40 to $3.10. The significant fall will likely start to be reflected at the pump sometime in the coming weeks. It's certainly good news given that drivers are nearing one of the busiest driving seasons of the year. Analysts believe the drop in prices is tied largely to the fact that crude oil has decreased by about $5 in price over the course of April.

"We're certainly going to see prices move lower at this point," industry insider Stephen Schork told the news source.

The estimates are good news, especially given that gas prices have already been trending downward. After reaching a nationwide average of $3.95 in early April, the average price of a gallon has dropped to $3.84, and with more reductions expected, motorists may soon feel a little bit of relief.

Although gas is becoming less expensive, that doesn't mean drivers should abandon fuel-efficient practices, such as driving less aggressively and making sure their tires are properly inflated.  Motorists looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle may want to head to New Jersey State Auto Auction, which has plenty of makes and models at affordable prices.

Honda Hopes to End Traffic Jams

There are few things more frustrating than a traffic jam. Perhaps if everybody paid attention, traffic would move at a smoother clip, but because that's not the case, it can be stop-and-go  for miles. While it might seem like there's no fix to the problem, Honda believes it could have the secret to a more stress-free commute.

Honda began work on a new system with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, and the company hopes it can help eliminate the behavior that causes traffic jams. Specifically, scientists are trying to curtail the practice of sudden stops and starts by providing drivers with detailed information including acceleration and deceleration patterns, which will hopefully allow motorists to drive more smoothly.

The initial findings were encouraging, according to Honda. Scientists discovered from the first round of testing that the system increases the average speed by around 23 percent, which in turn helped boost fuel economy by around 8 percent.

Although traffic jams can be a frustrating daily occurrence, they are also more damaging than potentially making you late for work, experts say. In particular, Honda points out that congestion can cause an increase in carbon dioxide emissions and is responsible for an increased instance of rear-end collisions.

While avoiding congestion and driving smartly can be an important part of an enjoyable experience behind the wheel, a lot depends on which car you're driving as well. If you're looking for a used car in New Jersey to fit the bill, New Jersey State Auto Auction is the place to go. With a wide variety of makes and models, there are plenty of cars to choose from.

Best Cars for Families with Triplets

Triplets are a handful and finding a car that caters to a trio of toddlers can be tough, especially if you can't bear the idea of driving a minivan. Cars.com spends a lot of time testing car seats in a number of models, and they recently published a list of the vehicles that cater to families with at least three small children. This does not mean the safety seats are crammed in so tight you can barely shut the door. To qualify for the list, there needed to be enough space between the seats for a child to reach in and unbuckle the seat belt.

The list includes sedans as well as SUVs, so families don't have to settle for the stereotypical van. The 2011 Chrysler 200 and 300 were the only sedans to make the grade. These cars were designed to be luxurious with an economic price tag. Those looking for used cars in NJ can find a used Chrysler 200 for around $15,000, according to Edmunds.com. Other vehicles with room for three kids in the back include the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2011 Nissan Murano, 2012 Honda Pilot and 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Families with more than three kids who need safety seats may need to bite the bullet and purchase a minivan, or they can seek out larger SUVs. Many new vehicles offer seven passenger seating, which could make them a good fit for your growing family.

Whether you want something small like a Chrysler 200 or a larger Honda Odyssey, New Jersey State Auto Auction will have the perfect ride for you and your family. Every used vehicle is CARFAX certified, so motorists know they're driving away in a reliable ride.

Youngsters Create 358-MPG Car

With gas prices still hovering around $4 per gallon, drivers are looking for ways to get the most mileage out of their car, and some innovative designers recently created a car that gets an astonishingly high number of miles to the gallon. The only problem? None of them are old enough
to drive. A group of junior high school students in Missouri unveiled a ride that gets an impressive 358 mpgs, FoxNews.com reports.

The vehicle, designed by seventh and eighth graders, won a competition that pitted them against high school students. The unique single-seat car weighs just about 100 pounds and is powered by an engine typically reserved for motorized bicycles.

The project was led by industrial technology teacher Marcus Reynolds, and he and his students are not quite done yet. Reynolds hopes to enter the unusual car in the prestigious Shell Eco Marathon, which would put them alongside college students from around the world, according to the website.

While the car certainly won't make it into dealerships, motorists can take a cue from Reynolds and his students and do their best to try to conserve gas while out on the road. There are a number of easy ways they can reduce fuel consumption, including making sure tires are properly inflated, driving at the speed limit and using cruise control when taking long drives on the highway.

Auto maintenance is also a crucial component of increasing your gas mileage. Luckily, New Jersey State Auto Auction's Total Car Care center provides an easy option for motorists looking for talented and knowledgeable mechanics. Located in Jersey City and open to the public, the center can provide everything from general upkeep to bigger repairs.

AAA Study Reveals Vehicle Ownership Cost Increases

When it comes to owning a car, there are many different costs to consider aside from the initial price. Everything from fuel to repairs and insurance can really add up, and a recent AAA study reveals the average cost of ownership has increased since last year. For every mile the average driver puts on their vehicle, they spent about 59.6 cents, which is 1.1 cents higher than it was last year. The researchers examined the cost of driving the five top-selling vehicles in five categories – small, medium and large sedans, minivans and SUVs.

"The average driving cost for 2012 is up due to relatively large increases in fuel and tire costs, and more moderate increases in other areas," said John Nielsen, the director of automotive engineering and repair for AAA. "Those increases were offset by a decrease in depreciation resulting in an overall increase [in cost of ownership] of 1.9 percent. Some driving costs fluctuate at different times during the year, such as what we have experienced with fuel prices since the middle of February."

Depreciation cost, which dropped 4.9 percent, was the only aspect of ownerships that declined. Insurance rose by 3.4 percent and maintenance fees saw a more modest bump of 0.7 percent.

The higher strain on the budget of owning a car has created a larger demand for used vehicles, as they are typically more affordable than their new counterparts. While recent trends have shown a push toward fuel-efficient new cars, there are still plenty of used models that offer decent mileage. Drivers looking for used cars in New Jersey can head to New Jersey State Auto Auction. The NJ dealer has a wide variety of makes and models at affordable prices.

Next-gen Mazda6 to Get Smaller Engine than Concept

The Mazda Takeri concept car, which made its North American debut at the New York International Auto Show, was rumored to be the model for the next generation Mazda6. However, AutoWeek reports the new car, due out in early 2013, will not have the same SkyActiv V6 engine as the elegant concept model. Instead, the new car will be outfitted with a SkyActiv four-cylinder similar to the motor found in the Mazda CX-5.

The concept car's 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine was capable of generating 175 horsepower, but the motor that makes it into the production model will be slightly watered down with only 150 hp. However, the decline in power does mean an increase in fuel efficiency.

"We believe that the balance of fuel economy and power that SkyActiv offers is what customers want," a Mazda spokesman told the news source. He also said the company had not yet decided against offering a V6 option, but no decisions have been finalized.

If nothing else, the automaker has promised the new car will be modeled closely after the design of the Takeri. With a strong, muscular body and sleek aerodynamic curves, the concept car was one of the head-turning cars at the NY Auto Show.

The new Mazda6, which will likely be priced in the mid-$20,000 range, may be out of some drivers' price range, but the car has been in production for a number of years. Motorists looking for used cars in NJ may be able to find a used version of this sporty midsize sedan at the New Jersey State Auto Auction. The dealer carries a wide selection of makes and models, so consumers are sure to find the vehicle they're looking for at a price that fits their budget.

Go Green with These Used Cars

Many motorists are choosing to buy green cars for their next big purchase, but people hoping to find a quality fuel-efficient used car in New Jersey may not know where to start. With pre-owned vehicles being more reliable than ever before, there are many suitable options for drivers looking for something eco-friendly while also saving some money, according to GreenCarReports.com.

The Toyota Prius is at the top of the list, mainly because it's so plentiful. The iconic hybrid was one of the first of its kind, and motorists can likely find a quality used version pretty easily. Specifically, experts suggest buying the 2004 to 2009 models, which get around 46 miles per gallon.

Though hybrids are often viewed as the most eco-friendly and fuel-efficient cars, there are some other used options that can be just as kind to the environment. In particular, the Volkswagen Jetta TDI comes to mind, according to the website. The diesel-powered vehicle gets around 34 miles per gallon and has greatly improved its emissions in recent years.

Smaller cars may be the best option when it comes to fuel efficiency, but sometimes it may not be the most practical choice. Drivers who need more room but still want to go green may want to pick the 2009 through 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. It's big, powerful and spacious yet still gets about 21 miles per gallon, certainly not bad for a large SUV.

Whether you're looking for a hybrid SUV, compact car or spacious sedan, New Jersey State Auto Auction will likely have you covered. With a wide variety of makes and models all available for affordable prices, there will be something for everyone.

The Best Sporty, Affordable Used Cars

From a practical car to take to and from work to a larger vehicle capable of transporting a lot of people, motorists buy used cars for a number of different purposes. Sometimes people want to add a new car to their collection that will be solely used for cruising. However, they'll probably want to spend as little money as possible on their leisurely new ride, and according to the Philadelphia Inquirer there are several options that fit the bill.

At the top of the list is the 2009 Mazda MX-5 Miata. This small sports car has been a popular option for years, and for good reason. A 2009 model with around 50,000 miles will go for just around $19,725 and will be the perfect sporty addition to anybody's fleet. Additionally, it gets around 28 miles per gallon, so it won't break the bank when it comes time to fill up.

Along with the Miata, the Inquirer says the 2006 Honda S2000 provides another sporty, yet affordable option. Analysts say it comes in a little bit higher at $19,900, but it's certainly worth it. The S2000 offers drivers significantly more horsepower than the Miata, and thanks to the fact Honda doesn't make the S2000 anymore, you'll have to go used.

If the Miata and S2000 are a bit too small, the newspaper suggests opting for the 2007 Nissan 350 Z. It's the biggest, most powerful car in the group but will run you just about $19,500 for a model with around 70,000 miles.

Regardless of the reason you may be looking for a used car in NJ, New Jersey State Auto Auction likely has the model for you. With plenty of options to choose from, you'll drive away happy.

Victoria Beckham Helps Design Posh Range Rover

Land Rover is well known for its popular line of luxury SUVs, so it should come as no surprise the manufacturer enlisted the help of one of the most glamorous celebrities in the world to promote its Range Rover Evoque. Victoria Beckham recently helped design and lent her name to a special edition of the SUV.

Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice, is certainly a good fit to help design the car, which recently made its debut at the Beijing Auto Show. Her post-Spice Girls career has been defined mostly by her impeccable style while out with her four children and husband, soccer star David Beckham.

"Both Land Rover and Victoria Beckham are British luxury brands with credibility and global appeal," said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's director of design. "This dual 'Britishness' makes the collaboration even more exciting especially when considering the huge audience for bespoke products around the world, particularly in China, Russia and Brazil where Land Rover is growing."

Though the Evoque is already fairly luxurious to begin with, Beckham's design takes things to a new level. In particular, its interior is especially attractive with vintage tan leather complete with baseball-esque stitching as a nod to her husband's athletic prowess.

Special edition or not, the Evoque has been one of the most well-reviewed cars of the last year. In fact, it earned the coveted Truck of the Year distinction from Motor Trend magazine.

Thought it might be difficult to get your hands on a specially-designed Evoque, anybody looking for a used car in New Jersey has plenty of appealing SUVs to choose from at New Jersey State Auto Auction. With a wide variety of makes and models to pick from, there's the perfect vehicle for everyone.

New 2013 Nissan Altima Expected to Outperform Previous Model

The 2013 Nissan Altima was a big hit at the New York International Auto Show, and experts are predicting this car could be the best-selling family sedan by the end of the year. This projection is made all the more impressive as the newly-redesigned sedan won't hit dealers nationwide until July.

"Overall with improving fuel economy, we expect 2012 new car sales to jump roughly 15 percent over 2011," said Kelsey Mays, an automotive analyst for Cars.com. "Taking the redesign of the Altima into account, we'd expect the 2013 Altima to outsell its 2012 predecessor by 39 percent by year's end, 24 percentage points above our expected market growth."

The new Altima was among the many gas-powered vehicles on display in New York that offer improved fuel economy over previous models. In fact, a continuously variable transmission, coupled with weight reduction and a more aerodynamic design make the new model 15 percent more efficient than the 2012 version. The overall look of the Altima is relatively the same, but tweaked to appear sleeker, with a smoother front end, streamlined tail lights and a low-profile rear hatch. The sides of the car's body are also a bit more muscular in the new model.

While the newest model may outperform its predecessor, older models are still a good bet for those looking for a reliable family car that gets decent gas mileage. A 2012 Altima gets 32 miles per gallon on the highway. Those in the market for used cars in NJ can head to New Jersey State Auto Auction, which has a wide variety of makes and models sure to suit the needs of every driver.