Monkeemobile: A Tribute to Davy Jones

Former Monkee Davy Jones passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on Wednesday. Although the tragedy will likely cause people to reminisce to tunes like "Daydream Believer" and "I Wanna Be Free," others may choose to reflect on his ride of choice when he was in the band – the Monkeemobile.

The car, made famous thanks to the band's 1960s television show, was actually a modified Pontiac GTO. It was created by legendary designer Dean Jeffries and built by George Barris, who is responsible for another icon of yesteryear – the Batmobile, USA Today reports. Though he only met Jones and the other band members several times, Barris has fond memories of both them and the car he helped create.

"He was kind of like the spark of the group," Barris told the publication of Davy Jones. "He had a character, had a certain personality. He seemed to be more dramatic and more fun."

Though the show went off the air in 1968, the legend of the Monkeemobile lived on. There were two models that were used on the show, one went to Barris and the other actually had quite a journey. After it fell out of view, it eventually resurfaced in Puerto Rico before moving back to New York State.

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High Occupancy Toll Lanes Become More Popular

Anybody who has sat in traffic and groaned when they saw cars whizzing by in the car pool lane may be able to do something about it. Since October, officials in Georgia have given drivers the opportunity to pay for the privilege of riding in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, even if there's only one person in their car, The New York Times reports.

The program was started in an effort to help keep traffic low in the Atlanta area. It works by charging a fee that can vary depending on how busy the road is. The cost can range anywhere from 11 to 90 cents per mile. According to the newspaper, other cities including Denver, Houston and Los Angeles are all considering the lanes – dubbed high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. However, they have not been without their critics.

Some claim that HOT lanes are too expensive for average motorists to drive in, and the result is added buildup on the normal lanes and only high-end vehicles making use of the convenience. Still, officials are hopeful that the ease of use will change some people's minds.

"Anybody who’s a driver can at certain times find it really valuable to get somewhere faster," Ellen Hanak, a senior policy fellow with the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California, told the Times. "Time can be money for everybody."

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CR-V, Passat Top Best Family Vehicles List

Purchasing the right family car can be a big decision. Between rides to school, sports practice and social functions, it may seem like a family spends most of their time in the car. So, you should not take the decision lightly. In the hopes of making the choice a little bit easier, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently unveiled its picks for the best family cars of 2012.

KBB took a number of factors into consideration when forming the list. Everything from safety to comfort to consumer ratings played a part in the final rankings. The list includes a wide variety to address the unique needs of families.

"After driving and evaluating nearly all of the new cars available on the market today, we identified the vehicles that offer the greatest combination of features and value for everyday families," Jack R. Nerad the executive editorial director and executive market analyst for

One inclusion that should not surprise anybody is the Honda CR-V. This long-time family favorite has been a reliable crossover SUV for years and that's not expected to change in the near future. Among its most stand-out features is a rear-seat entertainment system that few other similar models offer.

Also on the list is the Subaru Outback. The reliable sport-utility wagon can handle rough terrain while also turning in impressive fuel economy. Add that to the plenty of storage space and it's no wonder why this model made the list.

Families looking to downsize may want to go with the Volkswagen Passat or Toyota Prius, both of which made the list for their spacious interiors and high gas mileage.

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Used Cars More Reliable Than Ever

In years past, used cars may have been painted as less reliable than their brand new counterparts. While that may have been the case decades ago, it is no longer true, experts say, and buying a used car may actually be the better choice than going new.

To find out just how much the quality of used cars has improved, analysts at Consumer Reports looked at the number problem-free three-year old models in its 2002 surveys compared to its 2011 surveys. In looking at the two batches of data, they found that nearly all automakers improved their reliability in 2011, with brands like Volvo, Volkswagen, Ford and GM making the biggest gains.

Though the reliability of used cars has improved dramatically over the last several years, that does not mean you should take your foot off the pedal when it comes to doing your due diligence. Consumer Reports says there are a number of things you can do to ensure you're driving away with a good ride.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll want to be on the lookout for signs of any collision damage. There are obvious indicators, including mismatched doors and body handles, but you should also keep an eye out for trunks that don't close properly. Similarly, mold or mildew along with a discolored carpet is indicative of flood damage.

Along with its repair history you should pay close attention to what's coming out of the car's exhaust pipe. Both blue smoke and billowing white smoke are signs the engine is not working properly and would likely need a significant repair to fix.

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Subaru Tops Consumer Reports Automaker Report Card

The Consumer Reports automaker report card is not set to hit newsstands until March 6, but the publication gave an early glimpse at its scores, and a first time company made it to the top of the list. Subaru came in with the highest score of 75 thanks in large part to a fleet of redesigned models.

The score is two points higher they last year and can be chalked up to new looks for the Impreza, Legacy and Outback. In fact, the 2012 Impreza was also named as the publication's top pick in the small-sedan class segment.

There were also some shake-ups below Subaru. Honda had nailed down the top place on the list last year, but it fell all the way to fourth this year. Conversely, Mazda landed in second place after jumping five spots from last year's seventh place finish. Toyota, which always has a strong showing, was in third. Though Japanese automakers dominated, experts say they should be on the lookout for American and European challengers.

"While Japanese automakers still hold the top five spots, their lead is shrinking," said David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports Automotive Test Center. "In some of Honda's and Toyota's recently redesigned models, cost-cutting has become more noticeable."

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How to Tell When Brake Pads Should Be Replaced

Brake pads provide both friction and a cushion to help bring your car to a safe stop without wearing down the other components of the brake system. They are typically made of a metal mixture, although some high-performance vehicles may be equipped with ceramic brake pads. These auto parts are designed to wear down over time, and it is important to keep an eye on them. If you wait too long to replace worn brake pads, you risk damaging the brake rotors and the calipers, which could require more expensive repairs to get your brakes working well once more.

You can easily inspect the thickness of the brake pads in most cars by peering through the wheels. Some vehicles may not provide a convenient access window, but most brake pads come with built-in warning systems. Once they wear down enough, a small metal piece will become exposed. This causes a high-pitched squealing sound when the brakes are applied. When you hear this noise, you'll want to take your car to an auto maintenance professional to have the brake pads replaced. It is important to change the pads sooner rather than later, as allowing them to wear further can damage the brake system.

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New Cars Offering Fewer Options

Automakers are offering fewer choices when it comes to purchasing new cars, and although the companies say it's with the best interests of the consumers in mind, it may limit the options available to buyers. Instead, prospective drivers may want to head to New Jersey State Auto Auction and check out a wide variety of used cars to get what they really want.

The trend of limiting options is one that has spread to many manufacturers, USA Today reports. In particular, the new Buick Vernao is only available in 18 combinations of trims and other options. As for the Volkswagen Passat, you may have been able to order in 148 versions of the car in previous years, but now it's only at 15.

Some industry insiders say the new guidelines cut down on complexity, which makes the car-buying process a bit easier. However, others are not quite as optimistic when it comes to the new policy because, with few options for customization, they may get an excess of features.

"You end up buying things you don't want or need in order to get things you do want or need," John O'Dell, a senior editor for car research site, told the publication.

Although many automakers are embracing the trend, such is not the case for Porsche. The luxury brand caters to a crowd the demands the ability to customize their car, and company officials say that limiting their ability to do so may actually slow down production.

With limited options for some new cars, you may want to head to New Jersey State Auto Auction, which offers enough makes and models to suit the needs of even the most discerning shopper.

Car From “Otis” Video Up For Auction

Though Kanye West and Jay-Z made headlines last summer for their hit album Watch the Throne, several months later the star of one of their videos is getting most of the attention. The $350,000 Maybach that was featured prominently in the video for "Otis" is set to go up for auction, and experts say it may fetch a pretty hefty sum, according to Autoblog.

Aside from playing a significant role in the video, the car has a number of other features that make it especially appealing to collectors. Most notably, it is gutted almost down to the frame, something that both Kanye and Jay-Z take care of in the minutes of the video. Even with all the trappings removed, the car's pop culture significance could still bring in around $100,000 when it goes up for sale, the website reports.

The person who ends up taking home the Maybach will be doing much more than just adding a one-of-a-kind luxury car and piece of music history to their collection – they will also be doing a good deed for charity. The proceeds of the sale will be going to help Save the Children, an organization dedicated to helping kids around the world.

Kanye and Jay-Z are not the only ones using an auction to get rid of a used car. New York governor Andrew Cuomo is doing the same. He is taking a surplus of 500 state vehicles and putting them up for auction online, according to the New York Daily News.

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Congress to Vote on Requiring Rear-View Cameras in All New Cars

Rear-view cameras have become more common in vehicles since they first appeared on the market in high-end luxury vehicles and SUVs, but they will soon be in more cars. The New York Times reports that federal auto safety regulators have decided to require the cameras in all new vehicles by 2014. This measure was first proposed in 2010, and it is expected to go to final vote in Congress this week.

"We haven't done anything else to protect pedestrians," Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety in Washington, told the Times. "This is one thing we can and should do."

Each week, an average of two children are killed and another 48 are injured because drivers cannot see them as they are backing up, according to Kids and Cars, the nonprofit organization that first drew Congress's attention to these types of safety issues. The hope is that having the cameras in more cars will reduce the number of unnecessary accidents.

Consumer Reports states that every vehicle has a rear blind spot, the area directly behind the car and below the rear window, which can range from 25 feet for a minivan and up to 50 feet for a pickup truck. It may be easy to see an adult walking behind the vehicle, but small children could be standing upright 24 feet away from the car and drivers would have a hard time noticing.

Some new vehicles are equipped with proximity sensors that increase beep frequencies when nearing an object, but they do not define whether the object is a person.

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Detroit’s AutoRama Brings Together Car Lovers of All Kinds

It may not have the name recognition of the Detroit Auto Show, but that does not mean the city's annual AutoRama is any less popular. The event kicked off in the city's Cobo Center over the weekend and featured some of the biggest crowds in the show's 60-year history, The Detroit News reports.

Although events such as the Detroit and Chicago Auto Shows feature some of the latest cars set to hit the market, things are a little bit different at AutoRama. Instead, the focus is squarely on unique rides ranging from hot rods to trucks to customized low riders. Though attendance figures were not available for Saturday, Friday night attracted an impressive 20,000 auto enthusiasts.

There's a wide variety of attendees as well, according to the newspaper. While the upstairs may features flashy more attractive vehicles, the lower floor is home to used cars that have seen their fair share of miles over the years. But that's just fine for Cleveland, Ohio, resident Rodney Moore.

"Down here it's an entirely different atmosphere than up on the main floor," he told the news source. "It's like upstairs is where all the beautiful people are, while this is where the people who love the smell of burning rubber like to hang out."

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