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Chevy Camaro designer quits, set to work for Volkswagen in 2010

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Sangyou Lee, the designer of the highly celebrated Chevy Camaro, has announced that he has resigned his position with General Motors to take a role with Volkswagen/Audi as their chief designer of exterior, which may increase the visibility of used Chevrolet models in New Jersey.

Lee, who worked for GM for over a decade, is credited with bringing the Chevy Camaro back to national prominence after he redesigned the muscle car in 2005, according to

The Korean-born designer’s concept debuted so successfully at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show GM decided to begin production immediately.

“The [2006] muscular Camaro concept is pure ’69 updated, with the kind of subtle detailing that makes it look up-to-the-minute,” said after the car’s original showing. “The interior is very glitzy, and pays homage to the original, even down to the GM seat belt insignia and the twin instrument pods.”

Chevy’s ’06 Camaro is a “retro-styled” two-door coupe with a 6.0 liter, 400 horsepower V-8 engine powered through a six-speed manual transmission. The show model contains Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation equipment, a fuel-saving technology that results in a highway fuel economy of 30 mpg or better, according to

Before he unveiled the 2006 Camaro, Lee worked on a joint project between Bertone and GM in which he created the 2004 Buick Velite concept. He also contributed to the exterior design of the 50th anniversary Stingray.

Lee is expected to begin working for VW in mid-2010 in their California design facility. He is one of several designers to move on from the major U.S. automakers in the last 12 months. Pat Schiavone, Ford Motor Company’s chief truck designer, announced last week that he will be resigning from the company in early 2010 to join the appliance manufacturer Whirlpool.

The departure of Chevy’s award-winning exterior designer may increase the popularity in used Chevy models in New Jersey.

Ford agrees in principle to sell Volvo to China’s Geely Auto

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Officials at Ford Motor Company have recently announced that they expect to sell the Volvo car brand to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group by the first quarter of 2010, which may attract attention to used Volvo models in New Jersey.

The value of the deal is expected to be estimated at $1.8 billion, which pales in comparison to the $6.45 billion that Ford paid to purchase Volvo in 1999, according to Reuters.

In a statement, authorities at Ford said that the sale “would ensure Volvo has the resources, including the capital investment, necessary to further strengthen the business and build its global franchise, while enabling Ford to continue to focus on and implement its core ONE Ford strategy,” according to

Ford, the only U.S. automaker to avoid bankruptcy and a government bailout, may use the money to accelerate debt repayment in an effort to return to profitability by 2011.

Meanwhile, Li Shufu, the founder of the Zhejiang Holding Group, has announced that the Swedish auto brand will be left intact if the sale is finalized.

“If the deal succeeds, nothing will change for Volvo, except the boss turns to Li Shufu,” Li told the official Xinhua news agency, quoted by Reuters. “Volvo and Geely will be two independently-managed brands.”

Ford has said that there is still a significant amount of work to be done before the sale is finalized, including Geely securing financing and having the Chinese government sign off on the deal. Ford does not plan on retaining a shareholding in Volvo after the deal is finalized.

The possibility of the Swedish automaker changing hands may increase the appeal of used Volvo models in New Jersey.

Jon Gosselin attempts to trade-in his BMW for a used Subaru

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

The popularity of used Subaru models in New York may be on the rise following the scene at a car lot where reality television star Jon Gosselin tried to trade-in his current vehicle for a used Subaru STI.

According to the celebrity gossip website, the former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 was looking to trade his 2005 BMW M3 for a more recent Subaru model as well as $4,000 in cash. Unfortunately for Gosselin, his current vehicle was not worth quite as much as he thought, forcing him to leave the lot without making a trade.

The TV reality dad has been all over the news lately due to his much publicized divorce with his wife Kate and a lawsuit with his former employer, The Learning Channel, who is suing Gosselin for making public appearances which violated his contract. reports that the ex-reality star is “desperate for money” and is “now trying to look for other alternative ways to bring in cash.”

Ironically, one of his alleged former flings, Stephanie Santoro, used to work at the car dealership that Gosselin visited.

Used Subaru models in New York may be more appealing to car buyers after Jon Gosselin’s attempted trade-in at a local car lot.

Man lifts car off of trapped first-grader

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

An Ottawa, Kansas man has been hailed as a hero after lifting a car off of a trapped young girl, which may benefit used Mercury models in New Jersey.

Ashlyn Hough, age 6, was walking down her street on the way to school when she was hit by a neighbor who was backing out of their driveway. Ashlyn was pushed out into the street and was pinned under the car.

Nick Harris, who was dropping his 8-year-old daughter off at school, saw the incident and rushed over the help.

“I didn’t even think,” he said, quoted by the Associated Press. “I ran over there as fast as I could, grabbed the rear end of the car and lifted and pushed as hard as I could to get the tire off the child.”

Harris carried Ashlyn over to the sidewalk and was going back to get his cell phone from his car to dial 911, but the first-grader asked him to stay with her. He told onlookers to get the child’s mother who lives just down the street.

Ashlyn was sent to the hospital, but was later released after suffering a concussion and some minor bumps and bruises.

Harris, who is 5-foot-7 and 185 pounds, said he has no idea how he was able to lift the Mercury sedan off of the girl.

“I’ve tried four or five times since then, [and] I can’t do it, it’s impossible,” Harris said, quoted by “Christmas miracle, I guess.”

Ashlyn’s family, who happen to be neighbors with Harris, have praised him as a hero.

“I don’t consider myself a hero at all,” Harris said. “To me, it was payment enough when she gave me that huge hug and said, ‘Thanks, Superman.'”

Nick Harris’ amazing story of heroism may attract more attention to used Mercury models in New Jersey.

Ford Focus wins overall used car of the decade award

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

The Ford Focus Hatchback has been named the used car of the decade by the car valuation expert CAP, which may attract additional attention to used Ford models in New Jersey.

Judges explained that the Ford Focus won the prestigious award because of its versatile nature and its outstanding value.

‘The Focus shook up a conservative sector in which the only truly desirable car had for a long time been the Volkswagen Golf,” said CAP judging panel chairman Mark Norman, quoted by the Ayrshire Post. “It was a truly brave move by Ford, which created a new vehicle from scratch.”

“As a used car, it has satisfied every [criterion] for the demanding consumer who requires a true five-seat family car with quality, comfort, performance, durability, reliability, safety, economy, practicality and style,” he added.

The American car manufacturer took home several awards in the competition, including the Ford Ka’s receipt of the best secondhand model award in the small car section, the highest award given to a vehicle used solely for personal transport. Judges stated that the Ka won the award due to its affordability, low running costs and reliable engineering.

Interest in used Ford models in New Jersey may increase following the news of Ford winning such prominent awards.

Ford’s lead truck designer to resign, changes industries

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Used Ford models in New York may receive additional attention after Pat Schiavone, Ford Motor Company’s chief truck designer, announced that he will be resigning from the company in early 2010.

Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans confirmed Shiavone’s resignation on Monday, stating that he was leaving the organization for an opportunity within a different industry.

According to, Ford’s North American Truck and SUV design director will be leaving the company to take on a new position with the appliance manufacturer Whirlpool.

Schiavone has worked for the company for the past 21 years and was responsible for the designing the 2002 F-350 Tonka Truck and the F-150 Lightning Rod, among others. He is also credited with re-designing the 1994 Mustang, reports.

Shiavone continues the trend of recent departures from Ford’s senior design team. Earlier in the year, GT designer Camilo Pardo left the company after 24 years of service. Peter Horbury, executive director of Ford Americas, recently announced his return to lead vehicle design at Volvo.

Interest in used Ford models in New York may grow following the news of another key employee moving on from the company.

New Jersey modifies inspection rules on used cars

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Used cars in New Jersey should attract significant attention following a recent announcement by the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

Effective January 1 2010, used vehicles will no longer require a full inspection until they are at least four years old.

Acting MVC chief administrator Shawn Sheekey said that the motivation behind the change was to reduce the volume at inspection facilities and to save time for motorists, reports.

“This is a common sense decision to move to a four-year inspection for these types of vehicles,” said Sheekey. “The change only effects used vehicles that are in the first four years of their lifespan so the owners of these late model cars and trucks will now have one less item to take care of after their purchase.”

For car buyers who purchase a used vehicle with a valid, up-to-date sticker, no inspection will be required until the sticker expires. If the vehicle does not have a valid inspection sticker, the buyer will be given a form during the registration process and must go to a certified inspection facility to conclude the process.

The popularity of used cars in New Jersey should grow in light of the MVC’s recent announcement.

Passengers in used Lincoln survive wreck

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Used Lincoln models in New Jersey could appear to be even safer after Eric Patterson, mayor of Leeds, Alabama, crashed his 2001 Lincoln into a tree and survived.

Patterson had just concluded a long day at the office when he picked up his son John to take him to a friend’s birthday party, according to the St. Claire Times.

On route, Patterson lost control of his vehicle and skidded off an embankment directly into a tree, splitting it in half.

While the official police report stated that there were no drugs or alcohol involved, Patterson was “apparently asleep” when he lost control of the vehicle.

“We really don’t know what happened, if I got off the edge of the road or dozed off. I’d been sick for a week – just coming down…over the mountain and ran into a ditch and hit a tree.”

Patterson broke his right leg, but his son, who was wearing a seatbelt, was left virtually unharmed.

“It puts your life in perspective, I can guarantee that,” the mayor said later in the week. “I just consider myself fortunate.”

Used Lincoln models in New Jersey might become more sought after following Eric Patterson’s harrowing accident.

A sad so long to Saab

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Soon, there will be only used Saab models in New York and elsewhere, as General Motors has decided to end the brand.

American opinions of GM haven’t been especially high recently, as the automaker’s flair for failure and flop do little to inspire confidence in or empathy for the blue badge. Rather, decades of models incapable of putting six digits on the odometer have left many motorists with a feeling of hopelessness. But now, in Saab’s wake, even the despair is gone for some and only apathy remains.

“GM is abandoning the smoldering hulk of a perfectly fine car company it bought for all the wrong reasons,” wrote one MarketWatch journalist named Jim Jelter. “Saab was a trophy acquisition, funded by an era of cheap gasoline and booming SUV sales back home that lined GM’s pockets and gave it a reckless sense of entitlement.”

Starting today, Jelter and thousands of other Saab fans, will likely begin appreciating every 900, 9000, 9-3, 9-5 and even every 9-2X they see at least a little bit more.

Of all these models, the 900 is the car that most motorists consider to be Saab’s flagship. It was made for exactly a decade and was redesigned only once. The first 900 rolled out of Trollhattan in 1978, marking its territory as Saab’s newest fastback. But the car’s body wasn’t its only distinguishing feature. Saab, the first manufacturer to have ever successfully applied a turbocharger to a street-legal automobile, made sure some of its 900s would come with a little bit of boost.

In addition to the high-end muscle, another 900 feature most first-time drivers no doubt noticed was the fact that their keys couldn’t be inserted into the steering column since Saab decided igniting the motor would be more fun if you could do it without awkwardly leaning over the wheel with your face on the glass. So the Swedes put the keyhole between the gearshift and the handbrake for easier access.

The 900 was redesigned in 1994, which is when some purists think the end began, although GM already owned half of the company by 1989. Unlike the first generation 900, the ’94 didn’t have a memorable shape. Although the car became a bit more stylish when it evolved into the 9-3, the original 900 would always be Saab’s biggest charmer. Indeed, some used Saab models in New York and elsewhere will certainly start getting the appreciation they deserve when more Americans learn the grinning griffin is no more.

Audi A3 named executive used car of the decade

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Used Audi models in New York have continued to attract attention after the Audi A3 was named the Executive Used Car of the Decade by vehicle valuation specialist CAP.

Mark Norman of CAP described the A3 as a “genuine pioneer” that allowed consumers to accept the idea that a compact car can be as prestigious and luxurious as larger vehicles in the same class, according to

Norman stated that the A3 “has brought the prospect of the highest engineering and build quality standards to those who would previously have ruled out choosing a prestige brand on the grounds that it would mean running a larger car than they needed.”

He went on to say that, while the A3 is not the cheapest used car on the market, the benefits of low depreciation will be realized at trade-in time.

Meanwhile, the Audi A3 TDI recently won the Green Car of the Year award at the L.A Auto Show.

The Associated Press reports that the A3 TDI gets 42 miles per gallon on the highway, which is a 50 percent better fuel efficiency rating than a gasoline-powered A3.

The A3’s recent praise should come as good news for those in the market for used Audi models in New York.

Alleged paparazzo crashes into Anne Hathaway’s Audi

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Used Audi models in New Jersey may become even more popular following a minor car accident involving a black Audi owned by Anne Hathaway.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Oscar-nominated actress and her boyfriend Adam Shulman, who was behind the wheel, were driving on Santa Monica Boulevard when an alleged member of the paparazzi smashed his bicycle into their car, the L.A. Times reports.

Neither Hathaway nor her boyfriend were injured. The bicyclist, identified as Freddy Ferraro, age 32, suffered only minor bumps and bruises and refused medical treatment, reports.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told the L.A. Times that Ferraro was “moving way too fast and could have avoided the accident.” However, there were no arrests made following the incident.

When asked how he knew the bicyclist was paparazzo, Whitmore said that he was carrying a high-end camera with a telephoto lens.

“If he’s not a paparazzo, he’s an avid bird watcher,” he said, quoted by the news source.

Fans of Anne Hathaway may become more interested in used Audi models in New Jersey.

Passat earns prestigious award, used Volkswagen models in New Jersey may attract additional attention

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

The Volkswagen Passat has recently been named the Large Used Car of the Decade by the car valuation specialist CAP. This piece of news should greatly benefit used Volkswagen models in New Jersey.

The fifth generation Passat, produced between 1996 and 2005, set a new benchmark for refinement, style, performance and quality, according to

“The Volkswagen Passat is a byword for quality, and the model launched in 1996 was a quantum leap forward in every area most important to the trade and the used car buyer,” said Mark Bulmer of CAP Black Book, quoted by the news source.”Volkswagen’s attention to detail meant that this Passat offered the sense of a prestige vehicle but at a mainstream purchase price.”

The 2005 model is one of the more popular mid-size sedans in its class. According to, it is fun to drive, has an upscale interior and a wide range of features. The ’05 Passat has terrific handling and comes with a diesel engine option that has a unique combination of performance and economy.

The Passat’s recent attention may increase sales of used Volkswagen models in New Jersey.

Geely deal going smoothly; Used Volvo S60Rs in New Jersey could look better than ever

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, says the company’s deal with Volvo hasn’t hit any hiccups so far, which could mean consumer confidence in used S60Rs in New Jersey could be on the uptick.

Geely doesn’t want to talk too much about the Volvo deal right now. The Chinese company says there are too many rumors circulating around the acquisition, so discussing it probably wouldn’t help. The possibility of a merger was first announced by Ford, currently Volvo’s parent, in October.

In early December, indications of progress began to appear, as Ford and Geely reached an agreement regarding an intellectual rights issue that concerned Volvo, which some industry analysts believed was the deal’s biggest obstacle.

Lately, Geely has been shopping around for transmissions for its vehicles with larger engines – motors with a displacement of bigger than 1.5 liters. The Chinese automaker seems to have taken an interest in DSI, an Australian manufacturer, meaning some Volvos might become more international than ever before.

The S60 could be one of the Volvos to receive an Australian transmission, as the all-new second generation model – whose production will begin in Ghent, Belgium, during the summer of 2010 – won’t come with an engine that’s smaller than 1.6 liters big.

“The all-new Volvo S60 is sculpted to move you,” says Stephen Odell, CEO of Volvo. “It looks and drives like no other Volvo before and the car’s technology will help you to be safer and more confident behind the wheel.”

Odell’s claims are ambitious. Not because they seem exaggerated, but because the first generation S60R was quite an automobile. In 2003, Car and Driver tracked a 2004 S60R and it did nothing but produce results.

Hans Nilsson, R-car line manager, told the publication that Volvo spent 10 times more on the S60R than it had on any past R model, the most recent having been the 1995 T-5R wagon at the time. All that extra money got the Swedish manufacturer a 300-horsepower, all-wheel drive, Brembo brake-equipped powerhouse with a hefty price tag of roughly $37,500. As pricey as that may have sounded back then, the Mercedes C32 AMG of the same year was over $14,500 more expensive, making the Volvo a pretty good deal.

Though the second generation Swedish S60 will be built in Belgium, contain an Australian transmission and will likely be sold by a Chinese company, news of the Geely deal could boost the popularity of used Volvo S60Rs in New Jersey.

Greenhouse gases declared a threat, used Toyota models in New Jersey should benefit

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency officially declared greenhouse gases a threat to public health and welfare, which may lead to a growing interest in used Toyota models in New Jersey.

As automakers continue to transition toward creating more environmentally-friendly vehicles, used hybrid cars could gain more popularity.

The 2004 Toyota Prius was completely redesigned to be bigger, more powerful and even more fuel-efficient, according to

The Prius has ultra-low emissions, outstanding gas mileage and is reasonably priced. It earned both Super Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle and Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle ratings by reducing its exhaust emissions by 30 percent compared to the previous year.

Even with its spectacular gas mileage, the 2004 Prius can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 10 seconds. “With a combined city-highway rating of 55 miles to the gallon, the 2004 Toyota Prius is the most economical midsize sedan on the road,” said the news source.

Newly available options include a DVD-based navigation system, xenon headlights and a keyless ignition system.

As the auto industry continues its push toward being more environmentally-friendly, used Toyota models in New Jersey could attract more attention.

Rally news could boost popularity of used Ford models in New York

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Marcus Gronholm, World Rally Championship (WRC) star, recently announced he would be driving his Focus RS in Sweden’s WRC event this February, which could get fans excited about used Ford models in New York.

Unfortunately, Ford’s 305-horsepower Focus RS is only sold in Europe for the time being, according to AutoWeek. While the manufacturer is considering bringing it over to the U.S. in the future, right now one of the best Focuses available to Americans is the model built by the company’s Special Vehicle Team – appropriately badged the SVT.

Edmunds says the Focus SVT is no longer manufactured, meaning car shoppers who find one for sale should think long and hard about whether or not passing up a chance to buy the hatch is a good idea. The first SVTs rolled out of Ford factories in late 2001, complete with 170-horsepower four-cylinder motors and six-speed manual gearboxes. The three letters added next to the Focus emblem meant the compact had received 25 more HP than stock and 17-inch alloys instead of 15-inch steel wheels.

Jared Holstein of Modified Magazine says Ford was going after the Honda Civic Si and the Sentra SE-R when it began building the SVT. In the late 1990s, automakers realized car shoppers wanted vehicles that could play two roles: that of the daily driver, and that of the weekend racer. Doing both without costing the consumer an arm and a leg of course meant compromising some power and performance for measures that would increase reliability and fuel efficiency. This meant Ford couldn’t simply place a Cobra motor in a base model Focus, even if such a thing had been possible. Precise modifications were the objective.

Ford said the SVT’s 2-liter Zetec engine was its most technologically advanced, reports Modified. The motor used variable cam timing on the intake cam and a dual-stage intake manifold to increase low-end torque.

Speaking of other customizations made by SVT to the early generation Focus, the ZX3, Ford program manager Andy Slankard told the publication, “Due to the ZX3’s excellent chassis and suspension design, we didn’t have to make any major changes – just some tuning to give us extra control, agility and precision.”

Indeed, the SVT was no ordinary Focus and could remain Ford’s feistiest hatch, unless the automaker gives in and brings the RS to the U.S. Either way, with news of Gronholm’s entrance in Sweden’s February WRC event, used Ford Focuses in New York could start attracting more attention.

Subaru Outback nominated for truck of the year

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Today, the Subaru Outback was nominated for the 2010 North American Truck of the Year award, which might have people wondering if used Subaru models in New Jersey are as equally acclaimed.

Since its inception into the car world in 1995, the Subaru Outback has been known to many as the “world’s first sport-utility wagon.”

The 2006 Outback combines the all-terrain capability of previous models with the luxurious interior of the 21st century SUV, according to

Outbacks are renowned for their ability to handle various weather conditions, but the ’06 version is “fun to drive even when the weather isn’t terrible,” quoted by the news source.

Although the base engine only provides adequate power compared to other cross-over SUV’s, the turbo four and H6 engines have quick acceleration and enough power to handle any type of off-road driving.

The ground clearance on the 2006 Outback has been raised to 8.7 inches, a total of 10 inches higher than the previous year’s model. Subaru also added a navigation system to the list of available options.

Used Subaru models in New Jersey should benefit from the recent accolades given to the 2010 Outback.

Meet the new E-Class convertible, Used Mercedes models in New Jersey could benefit

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled the all-new 2011 E-Class convertible, which might help generate more interest in used Mercedes models in New Jersey.

The German automaker’s new vehicle is the talk of the industry due to its unique drop-top technology designed to keep passengers safe from swirling winds, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The 2011 E-Class convertible comes standard with the Aircap system, which is a tiny spoiler that sits on the windshield’s frame so that wind is deflected over the cabin. said that the system “limits the amount of wind intrusion into the passenger compartment up to speeds of 100 mph, keeping your perfectly coifed hair in check and making conversations easier when storming the autobahn.”

The only drawback of the Aircap technology is that it raises the convertibles drag, which might affect fuel economy.

Meanwhile, the 2003 E-Class Mercedes-Benz models are some of the more powerful luxury sedans in their class.

The E-320 has a 224-horsepower 3.2-liter V6 engine and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 7.5 seconds. Contrastingly, the E500 has a 5.0-liter V8 engine and can go from 0 to 60 in less than 6 seconds.

That kind of power should generate more attention for used Mercedes-Benz models in New Jersey.

GM’s search for a new CEO continues

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

All used Chevrolet models in New Jersey were produced by General Motors, whose chairman Ed Whitacre said on Tuesday that he doesn’t plan on being the interim CEO for long, although there is no timetable to replace him.

Whitacre, who took over for Fritz Henderson after he was forced to resign two weeks ago, said that the search for the next long-term CEO has yet to turn-up any qualified candidates.

Whitacre told reporters that he is not necessarily looking for someone with auto industry experience or even someone who has previously been a CEO.

“A person that’s a motivating, inspirational leader that’s familiar with big companies – manufacturing or industrial – would be helpful,” he told reporters.

The search is complicated by the executive pay limits imposed by the U.S. government on companies that were bailed out by Congress.

“I think it would be somebody who [wants] to do this for more than compensation,” Whitacre said. “It’s a big deal. It’s about coming back and making a company great and making it public again.”

Meanwhile, Whitacre confirmed on Tuesday that if General Motors doesn’t sell Saab by December 31, it will close the brand for good, the Associated Press reports.

The possibility of new management at General Motors could be a good sign for car enthusiasts that are in the market for used Chevrolet models in New Jersey.