Ebay trial ends, buyers may want to price out used cars in New Jersey

General Motors has been trying a variety of new ideas as it seeks to become profitable following a government bailout. One of them was a partnership with online auction site eBay, but low prices aren’t likely to be found on new cars there anytime soon, opening up the possibility of looking for inexpensive used cars in New Jersey instead.

In fact, dealers told the Wall Street Journal that they were consistently receiving bids that were far below the market value of the car, and that sifting through them was a hassle, along with the fact that there did not seem to be much interest.

“Being the first manufacturer out there to put new vehicles online, I think in just that six-week period, it shows you that there were a lot of people looking at these vehicles who weren’t looking at those vehicles before,” GM spokesman John McDonald told cnet. “We’re not fire-selling vehicles on eBay, [so] there’s a certain amount of user education in that, and a certain amount of dealer education.”

The bids made that were too low for new car dealers may receive more attention from those selling used cars in New Jersey, however, because of price depreciation.

Production concerns cited as reason behind acquisition failure affecting used Saturns in New York

Roger Penske, owner of the international Penske brand, had said that he wanted to buy the Saturn nameplate, extend General Motors production of the vehicle lines, and then eventually contract out new design work since beginning purchase talks in June. Now fans of the quirky brand may need to restrict their searches to used Saturns in New York.

While General Motors had been amenable to a situation where it would continue to produce Saturns for a short while before Penske would need to find another contracted manufacturer. The group had made one attempt, and failed, leaving officials no choice but to terminate the plans to acquire Saturn, the company reported.

It represents a stark turnaround from news just a day ago suggesting that the two companies were close to a deal, when the Detroit Free Press announced that a deal could be expected on September 30. Although some paperwork was already in place with Saturn dealerships, it now remains to be seen if new models will join used Saturns in New York.

Tokyo Motor Show concept car could evoke used Honda CRX’s in New Jersey

A tiny hatch that gave up a lot of weight compared to its bigger Civic cousins, the newest update to used Honda CRXs in New Jersey is expected to be on display next month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Unlike its predecessors, the CR-Z is expected to have it.s 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine mated to an electric powertrain, according to Jalopnik. Lookswise, the concept includes a long grille reminiscent of newer Audis, and a split hatch that could have been lifted from some Merceded Benz or Volvo models.

Expected to be released in Japan in 2010, it may take another several years before it appears stateside, and there are rumors over whether the car will have an automatic or six-speed manual gearbox.

Buyers looking for a two-seater model with a little more fun don’t have to wait to check out used Honda CRX’s in New Jersey, or their newer targa-roofed Civic Del Sols. They’re more affordable than newer cars, and offer a great way to make one’s way around the Garden State before the CR-Z’s introduction.

Floor mat “safety advisory” may point buyers to used Toyota cars in New York

Nearly 4 million Toyotas need to have their driver side floor mats taken out to prevent the possibility of uncontrolled acceleration following a report that a new Lexus ES350 in San Diego crashed, causing four fatalities. Buyers looking to minimize their risk may want to stick with some used Toyota models instead.

Among the models affected are the 2005-2010 Avalaon, 2007-2010 Camry, 2004-2009 Prius, 2005-2010 Tacoma and the 2007-2010 Tundra. Along with the Toyota models, the luxury models from Lexus such as the 2007-2010 ES350 and 2006-2010 IS250 and IS350 may all be affected.

“A stuck open accelerator pedal may result in very high vehicle speeds and make it difficult to stop the vehicle, which could cause a crash, serious injury or death,” noted company officials in a statement regarding the millions of vehicles that could be affected by removable floor mats.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said that waiting for a fix was not as important as immediately removing the mats, as it remains an “urgent matter,” DOT secretary Roy LaHood told Forbes.

Eva Mendes paparazzi shot could spur interest in used Toyota Priuses in New Jersey

It may be hard to take your eyes away from Eva Mendes for very long, but smart buyers who see the fine lines of the car she’s driving could be enticed to check out used Toyota Priuses in New Jersey as well.

The starlet was recently seen hopping into one of the environmentally friendly cars for a spin. Celebrity reporters weren’t able to find out why Mendes was heading out in the Prius, but hybrids have become a popular vehicle for Hollywood celebrities looking to green their habits in recent years. (split in two or reword)

Of course, she’s not the only reason one might want to consider picking up a used Toyota Prius in New Jersey. A pre-owned model takes some of the sting out of hybrid’s higher initial prices, and offers an increase in fuel economy over cars with standard engines.

The ride quality of a 2005 model could be attractive to some, and it was the second year that the Prius was available in a larger size with more space for passengers and cargo, according to a Cars.com review.

Jay Leno’s Green Car Challenge could make viewers consider used Ford Focuses in New York

We don’t yet have the ability to purchase electric-powered variants of Ford‘s compact Focus line of cars, but a recent segment on the Jay Leno Show could spur interest in fuel-efficient used Ford Focuses in New York for buyers who can’t wait for the electric version.

Leno’s own garage isn’t exactly environmentally friendly, with a variety of muscle cars and classic vehicles that were produced for performance, but he recently began a Green Car Challenge on his new show that puts celebrities like Rush Limbaugh behind the wheel of yet-to-be-released eco-friendly models.

One of those is the upcoming electrically-assisted Ford Focus, but buyers who need a car now and are interested in fuel efficiency could find their interest whetted with a 2004 model.

Used Ford Focuses in New York from that model year won’t get 50+ miles per gallon, but they are “frugal with fuel,” according to Edmunds.com editors, and the difference in price between a new electric Focus and pre-owned models will likely pay for several years of fill-ups.

Families could benefit from the spacious middle seats of used Honda Pilots in New Jersey

Many SUVs and crossovers now offer an optional or standard third row of seating, but as many families know, the middle row of seats is often shortchanged like the middle child. Cars.com editors recently responded to a family’s query about second-row seating, and their suggestions could point towards used Honda Pilots in New Jersey for families with growing children.

Unlike other models that may offer additional seating at the expense of space for those sitting in the second row, the website recommended the Pilot as one of its top three SUVs for families looking to fit tall teenagers for road trips.

The writers at Edmunds.com agreed, noting that “[As] one of the best crossover SUVs available, the 2006 Honda Pilot is an excellent choice for large, active families in need of versatility.”

Used Honda Pilots in New Jersey like the 2006 model also offers a frame strong enough for some light off-road work, but the suspension also provides a ride that “is quite smooth and comfortable on normal roads,” according to the review.

Cash for Clunkers survey finds fewer available used Ford Mustangs in New York

If you always wanted a pony car but can’t muster the money for a new model, now may be the right time to find and purchase a used Ford Mustang in New York, because the supply took a hit during the Cash for Clunkers program.

In all, more than 1,600 Ford Mustangs were taken off the road during the initiative, and with some models as new as 2008, AutoWeek reports that the likely net effect was that affordable cars were eliminated when they could have gone to less affluent buyers who could have appreciated them. It’s chief competitor, the Camaro, didn’t fare well either.

“Though the Camaro crowd rejoiced at the car’s return this year, 1,007 of its predecessors are now history, including at least eight from every year from 1984 to 2000,” noted the magazine. “The early ’90s were particularly brutal, with 127 from 1991 and 116 from 1992 getting handed a blind fold and cigarette.”

Pony car lovers who are working on a tight budget may want to survey used Ford Mustangs in New York now, because as word gets out that the affordable coupes are in limited supply, prices could jump.

Deer are a growing problem for drivers of used cars in New Jersey

A growing residential population in formerly rural areas of the Garden State mean that there are more frequent collisions with used cars in New Jersey and wildlife that can’t read road signs.

Chief among the states experiencing an increase in the number of deer-vehicle collisions is New Jersey, where incidents have increased by more than 50 percent when comparing estimates of claims made by State Farm customers between 2007 and 2009 to those five years earlier. That is the greatest percentage change in any state outside of Nebraska.

“We want to call attention to potential hazards like this one,” said Laurette Stiles, State Farm vice president of strategic resources. “We hope our updated information will inspire motorists to make safe decisions.”

The twilight and early evening period are when deer are most active, and drivers may want to use high beams as much as possible to improve visibility on rural roads or those with low visibility while driving used cars in New Jersey. If preventive measures don’t seem to work, use the brakes rather than swerving to avoid hitting a stationary object or oncoming vehicle which could result in increased injuries or property damage.

Foreign may be the way to go when choosing among used cars in New York

Automakers like Hyundai and Honda offer good values for those looking at used cars this fall, and that may be one reason to consider pre-owned Honda Accords or used Hyundai Elantras in New York when putting together a list of vehicles to consider.

Among midsize sedans, a used Honda Accord may offer a reliable mode of transport that one writer at the Belleville News Democrat says has required little maintenance outside of an oil change over 125,000 miles and 10 years of ownership. It’s a “solid, reliable [car] that can run in top shape forever,” she notes.

Another option is the Hyundai Elantra, which has a low starting price combined with a “great feel on the road [and] some fun extras and superior safety ratings,” according to the newspaper. Some of the best model years for used Hyundai Elantras in New York are 2004-2007.

“The ride is pleasantly easygoing for a small car because its suspension copes adeptly with rough spots,” add Cars.com editors reviewing the 2004 model.